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Accessing the network during the Coronavirus pandemic


On this page, you can find links to how bus, train and tram operators are continuing to support customers in line with Coronavirus safety guidance. To find out more about getting around the Greater Manchester region during the pandemic, please visit our dedicated Coronavirus pages.

In the interests of safety and in line with government rules, you must wear a face covering on public transport unless you are exempt. For more information, please see our guidance on face coverings.

To support customers, we’ve produced a Journey Assist card for people who are exempt from wearing a face covering on public transport and it is valid across all public transport in Greater Manchester. The card is available on request from the TfGM Customer Services team.


Passengers with accessibility requirements will continue to receive the same service during the pandemic when travelling by bus.

Assistance is available across all services, but how it is provided may differ due to social distancing measures. Please check with your operator for more information:

Ring and Ride

Ring & Ride provide accessible, low cost transport to disabled people and older people with walking difficulties. If you qualify, you can book a Ring & Ride accessible minibus to take you, and an accompanying adult, door to door for journeys of up to six miles in Greater Manchester.

Please visit the Ring and Ride page for more information about the measures that are in place to ensure passenger safety during the pandemic.


Journey assistance is still available but passengers are asked to book ahead where possible as there are limited numbers of staff available in some areas due to challenges such as staff isolating, some staff shielding or even just social distancing.

If customers can book ahead, operators will be able to reserve seats or spaces and plan better. If a customer cannot book, they will still do their best to assist as quickly as possible.

We know that sometimes customers can’t book ahead, especially when they might be working or building up their mental health to feeling confident to make a journey.

You can find all of the contact details for train operators’ assistance booking services on National Rail's Assisted Travel page.

You can still travel on most services without a reservation. If you need a wheelchair space onboard, staff will make sure that you can use the wheelchair space for your wheelchair or mobility device as a priority. If there are no wheelchair spaces available because other wheelchair users are using them, operators will assist you on to the next available service.

If your operator is providing services that require a reservation, you should reserve a space in advance. Please visit your train operator’s website to check.

Staff will still provide guidance when needed. Please don’t hesitate to explain to staff what you need to make your journey. Please be aware that some staff might ask if they can use a covering between their arm and your hand. This is to provide as much safety to you as possible.

If you need direction from the staff in any way, please don’t hesitate to explain what you need from them.


Metrolink will continue to offer support to passengers with accessibility requirements while the pandemic is ongoing with adjustments in some cases to ensure passenger safety in line with government guidelines.

All Metrolink trams and tram stops are accessible for wheelchair users. Information related to accessibility on Metrolink can be viewed on the help while travelling webpage.

To ensure we can maintain social distancing measures on the network, please allow extra time and plan your journey in advance if you can. To support customers with planning their journey, please visit our quietest times to travel page.

Cycling and Walking

To help keep yourself and others safe and keep traffic levels lower, we’re encouraging everyone to walk and cycle if they can.

By choosing to walk and cycle to work, school, the shops or for local trips, you are keeping yourself fit and healthy, saving money and staying safe.

We've put together some hints and tips to ensure that everyone can enjoy cycling while staying safe during the pandemic. Please visit our dedicated Coronavirus page for more information. If you would like some advice on accessing the bike that is best for you, we also have an access to bikes page.

If you would like to try a new walking route, you can find maps for across Greater Manchester on our walking maps page. Whether you are commuting, staying active or exploring the city region, there are a wide variety of maps to choose from, so you can try out a route that suits you.