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DriveSafe online digital courses

Help joining your course online

Once you have booked a DriveSafe online digital classroom course, to ensure you can successfully join your course please:

Watch this helpful 2 minute video

Device Requirements

You will need access to a device i.e tablet, laptop or desktop with microphone and camera with reliable internet connection capable of streaming video. Smart phones may be used, however the course will be far more effective if you have a larger screen. You will need enough charge to last 2 1/2 hours so it's best to be plugged into the mains supply.

How to join the Digital Classroom

  • From a PC or laptop simply click the link we send you
  • When prompted, select ‘Run’ Select ‘Join with Video’
  • If requested, please allow access to camera & microphone, and select ‘call using internet audio’
  • Enter your FIRST NAME ONLY (other clients will be able to see the name you enter)
  • Select ‘Join Meeting’

If using a Smart Phone or tablet you may wish to download the free ZOOM app in advance of the course from your usual app store.

For more information you can view the ZOOM tutorial video.

When you arrive at the online digital classroom you will be in a 'waiting area' - please be patient as our Trainer will meet each client in turn privately to check your photographic ID.

It is essential you provide photographic ID

If you have a photocard style driving licence, please bring this with you to the online course as it's the easiest way for us to check your identification. If you do not have a photocard style licence - you must bring your passport or similar photographic means of identification. If you wear a form of head dress that covers your face (for personal or religious reasons) you will be required to remove or adjust this (in private) to allow our Trainer to establish your identity.

Late arrivals will not be allowed to participate

We strongly recommend you join the digital classroom 15 minutes before the course start time in case you have any technical difficulties.

Other important information:

  • You will need to be in a private room, alone without disturbances.
  • You must engage in the course throughout – clients must not switch off their webcam, leave the course or have other members of the household in the room with them (unless previously agreed). Clients should give their full attention to the course and not be distracted. Trainers will remove clients at their discretion.
  • Please have a pen and paper available.
  • You will be required to agree not to record the course and respect the privacy of other clients on the course.