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Trevor Howley started working with TfGM in 1987 as a data collector on bus – despite having trained as a confectioner! During his seven years on the buses, he was given the opportunity to complete a NEBS course, covering the basics of supervising a team.

“The role also allowed me to develop my social skills and I grew more confident in dealing with the general public,” says Trevor. “Social skills are so important in these public-facing roles and I think we need to acknowledge that more.”

Seeking more of a challenge and using the skills he’d acquired, Trevor became a bus station supervisor in 1994. GMPTE, as TfGM was known then, funded his Chartered Institute of Transport and Logistics qualification and he decided to take a Spanish course to communicate more effectively with Spanish students and visitors to the city. He also became chair of the UNITE union, which helped him to learn about the organisation from a corporate perspective.

“In 2001 I became area controller for Ashton, Oldham and Hyde, managing 25 staff – and it was then that I was given the opportunity to be operations manager for the 2002 Commonwealth Games, working at Sport City,” Trevor says. “It was the biggest challenge of my career but also my favourite experience to date because I had the freedom to organise and lead. This was a huge challenge and I was proud of what we achieved. Throughout the games we had no accidents and nobody was kept waiting more than 15 minutes for transport to their event.”

Trevor’s current role is that of Senior Duty Manager another position whereby he has been able to develop further as a leader. “The most beneficial things have been the variety of experiences open to me and the opportunities to work with other people. I found my leadership style – by being myself, I’ve been able to grow as a leader.

“I would say that if you’re just starting out at TfGM, then this is exactly the right place to be. The organisation has lots of new challenges and there are lots of opportunities; you need to find them and embrace them. Talk to and get to know as many people as you can –if you are a proactive person there are no limits to how you can develop.”