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Updated: 8am Thursday 15 April

People making journeys in Manchester should take note of the information below to assist them on all journeys.

Quietest time to travel

If you can travel before 7am, between 10am-3pm and after 6pm.

Public Transport

Bus operators will increase capacity by providing more services across the city-region.

Most of the trams operating will be double units - Providing more capacity and space for customers. However, there will be times of the day when there is less space available. Click here to find out when your tram is quieter.


Customers travelling from the West of the city centre should plan their route and travel options before leaving for their journey. Click here for more information on the roadworks and other hot spot traffic area's on the network.

⬇️ Use the information and advice below to help you avoid the busiest times in Manchester. Travelling at a different time may help you and others.

πŸ”΄ Between 7am and 10am - Busy

If you can travel flexibly, avoid travelling during this period.

⚠️ Limited space alert

πŸ”΄ There will be less space on buses, trams, trains for social distancing reasons and the roads are busier during this time.

🟠 You may have to wait for the next bus, tram or train if services are already full.

🟒 Travel before 7am if possible, or betwen 10am and 3pm when public transport will have more space available.


🟒 The East Didsbury Metrolink line is busiest in the AM between 8-9am. Customers at Chorlton have the option of making a short walk to St Werburghs Road tram stop where servcies arriving from East Didsbury and Manchester Airport will be quieter.

🟠 Between 10am and 3pm - Quieter, but services might be busy at times

Travel advice and tips

There is more space on public transport during this period but also consider cycling 🚴 and walking 🚢, especially for shorter journeys.

🟠 Remember that some buses, trams and trains will be busy due to less space on board for passengers. You may have to wait for the next service so its important to consider all your travel options before your journey.

🚈🚈 Most of the trams operating will be double units - Providing more capacity and space for customers.

βœ”οΈ Find the quietest time to travel on the tram here

🚌 Bus operators are providing more services across the city region, increasing the space available on board for customers.

βœ”οΈ Click here for the most up to date timetable of any bus service.

😷 Please remember to wear a face mask when travelling on public transport. More information can be found here.

πŸ”΄ Between 3pm and 6pm - Very Busy

⚠️ If you can travel flexibly, avoid this period on Public transport or on the roads

The afternoon and early evening period, between 3pm and 6pm, is the busiest part of the day on Manchester's roads and public transport.

πŸ”΄ There may not be space available on some buses, trams and trains with social distancing in place, so you may have to wait longer for a service. Re-time your journey to avoid this busy period if possible.

πŸ”΄ Trams leaving the city centre between 5-6pm since Monday 12 April have been at capacity. Re-time your journey to avoid this period in particular.

🚧 To avoid being caught in traffic, re-time or re-route your journey to save yourself being stuck behind the wheel. Remember there are ongoing major works taking place now - see here for more information.

Cycling 🚴 and walking 🚢 for shorter journeys may be quicker at this time than public transport or driving. Click here for further information.

🟒 Cycling 🚴 and Walking 🚢 - Quiet all day!

Cycling and walking into and around Manchester city centre has been made even easier. Several roads are now vehicle-free and some pedestrian areas have been extended to give you more space to move around.

🚢 Walking around the city centre

Walk like a Mancunian...

More people are walking and cycling in Manchester. Several pavements and walking routes have been extended in the city centre to help you make your journey on foot.

🚴 Cycling into and around the city centre

Get on your bikes and ride!

Cycling is a quick and reliable form of transport to reach and move around the city centre.

Our cycle hub map below shows the safe and secure cycle parking facilities in Manchester city centre. Click on the icons for further information.

There is also a more detailed map available showing cycle routes and more on-street cycle parking. Click here for more information

Explore a new route 🚢 🚴

There is a fantastic new website where you can easily navigate the walking and cycling options from your own home and postcode. Click here for further information.