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Coronavirus: Public Transport

Updated: 2pm Monday 14 September

Help keep yourself and everyone safe when you’re outside the home by thinking about how and when you travel and following safety guidance.

Due to social distancing measures, capacity on services is lower than usual. If your service looks to be at capacity it may mean that you will have to wait for the next one.

Please be patient, plan ahead - allowing extra time for your journey - and be considerate of other passengers.

If you're intending to take the final service of the day, you may want to consider a back-up option in case it's full and you're unable to board.

Keep your distance from others, clean your hands frequently and use contactless payment.

If you are using public transport, TfGM and public transport operators have put more measures in place to help you travel safely, including enhanced cleaning, extra services and passenger information and signage.

For accessibility information related to coronavirus, click here.


Full buses will operate on a one-off, one-on basis, so it may mean that you will have to wait for the next bus if it is already at capacity. The capacity status may be indicated on the front of the bus but this varies by operator.

Please be patient, plan ahead - allowing extra time for your journey - and be considerate of other passengers.

Check the latest timetables before you travel. Bus timetable information can be found here.

If you're intending to take the final bus of the day, you may want to consider a back-up option in case it's at capacity and you're unable to board.


Metrolink services are currently operating to the following timetable:

  • Monday to Friday
    Services will operate at a 10-minute frequency across all lines between 6am and 7pm and then every 20 minutes from 7pm until midnight.

  • Saturdays
    A 10-minute frequency will be in place 8am to 8pm and then every 20 minutes from 8pm until midnight.

  • Sundays
    A 15-minute service will run throughout the day from 7am until 11pm.

We will be deploying as many doubles as possible and these will be used to cater for the busier times/locations as required. This will remain responsive to changes in demand.

Please check the times for your journey.

  • If you have to travel, view our information on when the quietest times are.

  • Please continue to check the @MCRMetrolink twitter page for live service updates.


Before you travel, please check the status of your journey with National Rail.

If you're intending to take the final train of the day, please buy your ticket in advance to ensure there is sufficient space for you to board.

Free cross-city Metrolink travel in Zone 1 covering all city centre stops is now available for all rail users, irrespective of whether their journey originates at a Greater Manchester station. This will be in place until normal services are resumed.

Interchanges and bus stations

Transport for Greater Manchester staff will be available to assist you from 7am until 11pm Monday to Saturday and from 10am until 5pm on Sundays.

While interchanges and bus stations will remain open outside of these hours there will be no staff present.

Taxis and private hire

Taxis and private hire services are an important part of our transport network. In particular, they can support our pub, bar and restaurant sector, and wider leisure industry, as they reopen. They can help people get to and from where they need to while protecting themselves and others by following guidance to use them safely.

If you use a taxi or private hire vehicle, please:

  • Wear a face covering unless you are unable to, or drivers may refuse to carry you.
  • Keep a safe distance from others during your journey, for example at taxi ranks.
  • Sit as far away from the driver and other passengers as you can, always using the back seats, and open the vehicle window to help ventilation.
  • Clean your hands regularly and use contactless payment if possible, or find out if you can pay online in advance.
  • Follow any additional guidance from the driver and safety measures put in place by the taxi or private hire operator.

Please support locally licensed drivers by making sure your driver and vehicle are licensed by one of Greater Manchester’s 10 councils, preferably your local council, when booking a private hire. If in doubt, ask the operator.

I’m a taxi driver. What should I be doing during the pandemic?

You have a responsibility to take all possible precautions to keep you and your vehicle as safe and sanitised as possible to help stop the spread of coronavirus.

  • Clean your vehicle thoroughly each day using standard cleaning products.
  • Throughout your shift, regularly clean areas frequently touched by passengers, e.g. door handles, seat belts and buckles, and other hard surfaces.
  • Wash or sanitise your hands regularly during your shift. Ask your passengers to wear a face covering - some people may be unable to wear one due to a health condition or disability, so please be understanding in these cases.
  • Please make your passengers aware of your route, particularly when this may have changed due to road closures and other roadworks.

For further information, please contact your local licensing authority, who will be able to provide you with the latest advice on vehicle testing, licence renewals, sanitisation and more.

The information for each of Greater Manchester’s local authorities can be found at: