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Bus Priority Programme Early Findings Report

TfGM was keen to learn from the experience of implementing the Bus Priority Programme and to fulfil Department for Transport funding conditions to present evidence on what works and what could have worked better in relation to the programme.

A series of monitoring and evaluation activities were established and you can now read the report on the early findings of this work.

The report includes lessons learnt on the delivery of the Greater Manchester Transport Fund 1 schemes: Cross City Bus Priority Package and the Busway Programme.

Early findings relate to aspects such as:

  • Journey times and bus journey time variability;
  • Door-to-door measures of travel times to key destinations;
  • Modal shift evidence;
  • Oxford Road pedestrian and cycling volumes and cyclist attitudes;
  • Findings on the pedestrian, cyclist and equestrian path parallel to the Busway;
  • Economic and environmental impacts on Oxford Road;
  • Economic impacts on Leigh, Atherton and Tyldesley;
  • Park and ride provision;
  • Carbon impact;
  • Bus patronage; and,
  • Before and after traffic volumes on Oxford Road and parallel corridors.

A further monitoring and evaluation report is due to be published in 2022.