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Clean Air Day 2018

Our Commitment to Health and Sustainability

Air pollution is one of the most serious public health risks facing our city-region. It is estimated it contributes to 1,200 deaths in Greater Manchester each year, as well as a wide range of illnesses and conditions, including lung and heart diseases, some cancers, strokes and asthma too.

In June 2018 we helped coordinate the second Greater Manchester Clean Air Day. Targeting the general public, schools and businesses the event raised awareness of air pollution and got people to consider how they could change their day-to-day lives to make a difference.

At Exchange Square in Manchester city centre we hosted a hub of activity including: a lung health check dome, where people could have their lung capacity checked; electric vehicle displays; bike demonstrations and cycling competitions. We worked with primary schools in Tameside to highlight the issue of parents’ cars idling at the school gates, and a range of activity took place across Greater Manchester’s other local authorities. We also asked people to make a Clean Air pledge, such as leaving their car at home one day a week, car sharing or walking or cycling for short trips.

In total we received more than 10,000 pledges and our social media campaign promoting the event reached over 2 million people.