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Draft Delivery Plan

Integrating the Operations

In January this year we published our draft five-year Delivery Plan, which sets out our vision for all the transport projects we want to complete or explore in the next five years so we can make Greater Manchester’s transport network more accessible, integrated, greener and efficient.

It’s a bold and ambitious which we estimate it would cost around £3bn to deliver everything in the first five years of the Plan, but getting our transport right is essential, both for our city-region’s continued economic growth and so that our residents and visitors can lead productive, healthy and fulfilling lives.

It includes projects we have already secured funding for, including the Trafford Park Line, a new interchange at Stockport and an upgrade to Salford Central station. It also details the projects we are currently making the business case for or exploring their potential, including tram-train technology and a city centre tunnel.

It has also been designed to support Greater Manchester's Plan for Jobs, Homes and the Environment, which will ensure our city-region has the right jobs, homes and infrastructure in the right places so that we can reach our economic potential.