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Since April 2018 there have been nearly 13 million visits to our website and our pages have been viewed 32 million times. Our website is one of the main channels people use to get in touch with us and to get travel information, plan their journeys or learn more about TfGM. In 2018 we continued to enhance the website, based on feedback, to make it more accessible, easier to update and navigate, better for mobile viewing and able to host more photography and videos.

Alongside our website our customers also get in contact with us via social media, email, telephone and by post. Last year we dealt with over 18000 written customer enquiries on a range of subjects including bus services, Metrolink, passes and general travel information. In 2019 we introduced a new customer platform that automatically categorises incoming enquiries to ensure they are dealt with in the most efficient way. We are also trialling new ways of responding to our customers, including a Chatbot and WhatsApp groups.