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Business plan


Greater Manchester is growing. We are creating more jobs, building more homes and attracting more people who want to live and work here. You only have to see the number of cranes on our horizon to see how our city-region is undergoing an incredible transformation.

This economic and social change is also reflected in our evolving political landscape. The appointment of a Greater Manchester Mayor has given us a powerful collective voice and devolution has seen our city-region gain greater control over a range of areas including planning, skills, public health, policing, housing and, of course, transport.

An effective and efficient transport network is essential, not only for Greater Manchester’s continued economic growth, but also so that our residents, whatever their age and wherever they live, can lead fulfilling and rewarding lives. Our strategic framework, including our long-term 2040 Transport Strategy and five-year Delivery Plan sets out the infrastructure projects and policy developments we need to deliver. But it is also critical that we have a clear organisational roadmap that enables us to respond swiftly and successfully to change and capitalise on new opportunities. Last year, therefore, we published our three-year Business Plan, which set out everything we want to achieve within that period. It includes both the external projects we want to deliver on behalf of Greater Manchester, and also our internal goals so that we can become an efficient and effective organisation.

This Business Plan update provides a look back at everything we have achieved in the past 12 months and a look forward to some of our upcoming milestones. There has been much to celebrate over the past year, from major infrastructure projects, such as the opening of Wigan Bus Station, to the introduction of fare zones on Metrolink and the £28,000 we raised for our corporate charities. In 2018, TfGM was awarded Transport Organisation of the Year at the National Centre for Diversity’s awards and we launched The Bee Network, our ambitious plan for a city-region-wide walking and cycling network.

This has only been possible thanks to the hard work of all our staff. TfGM employs more than 800 people across Greater Manchester, from project managers and bus station attendants to designers, apprentices and accountants. To celebrate the contribution of all our staff to achieving our goals we have featured some of them in this update talking about their work.

The final change I would like to talk about is my appointment as the chief executive of TfGM, alongside my existing role at GMCA. My joint role will enable our two organisations to work closer together for the benefit of Greater Manchester's residents. Strong transport is the glue that holds our city-region together and it will be vital for delivering the wider ambitions set out in the Greater Manchester Strategy, including in areas such as health, education, economic growth and the environment. I will ensure, as part of my new rule, that it central to our city-region's mission to be the best place in the world to grow up, get on and grow old.

I, along with all the staff at TfGM, are keenly aware of some of the key challenges facing Greater Manchester, including congestion, air pollution and the lack of integration and oversight between our different modes of public transport. These are complex, long-term and interrelated issues. It is only by having this clear Plan that we can seek to tackle them in a strategic and, ultimately, effective way.

Eamonn Boylann
Chief Executive