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Cycle confidence sessions

Cycle riding and maintenance sessions for beginners and experienced cyclists
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Want to learn to ride a bike, or to get out on the road? Want to find out how to ride safely around town, with your children or get tips on maintaining and repairing your bike?

Do all this and more with our friendly cycling training sessions!

From complete beginners, to experienced cyclists, there's something here for everyone – even professional drivers who need to get more cycle-aware.

Learn to Ride

Learn to ride

Free beginner's cycle training

This is for you if you're new to cycling, or haven't ridden for many years. Get the confidence to take the first step into cycling, at your own pace.

Road rider ready

Road rider ready

Free road cycling training

Try this if you can ride off the road but want to learn the skills of riding with traffic and other road users. You'll start in a traffic-free area, before putting your new skills into practice on quiet roads.

One to one

One to one sessions

With one-to-one coaching from an expert instructor, you'll get personal support to learn the skills to get out on the road. You'll learn how to plan a route, communicate with other road-users, take the safest position on the road and anticipate others' behaviour to ride confidently.

Family Training

Family confidence training

Our bespoke family training provides free guidance on how to safely cycle as a group on the road. Whether you’re new to cycling or just in need of some practice, we’ll teach you how adults should lead journeys and how children should follow.

Basic bicycle maintenance

Basic maintenance

Learn to give your bike a safety check, adjust brakes and gears and mend a puncture. It's a hands-on session which will give you the confidence and skills to keep your bike on the move.

Course available for a £5 fee.

Intermediate bicycle maintenance

Intermediate maintenance

A full day session to build on your basic knowledge, looking in practical detail at brakes, gears, cables and chains, as well as routine servicing.

Course available for a £25 fee.

Safe urban driving

Safe urban driving for LGV and PCV drivers

This is for professional drivers who want to be more aware of cyclists, by conventional training and by having a go on a bike on the road.