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Cycling safety

If you learn and practice a few basic skills, and keep your bike and equipment in decent condition, cycling is an efficient and safe way to travel.

Cycle training

Cycling with confidence

We run a range of cycling sessions which are a great way to learn how to stay safe and feel confident whenever you’re cycling. If you’re a complete beginner, looking to start riding on the road or an experienced cyclist, these sessions are a great way to learn the skills to ride with complete confidence.

Safety Tips

Safety tips

Follow these tips and stay safe on the road:

  1. Plan your route. Choose quieter roads and traffic-free routes etc. See how to plan your cycle journey.

  2. Use good lights and reflectors.

  3. Ride in a prominent position on the road rather than in or near the gutter, at least one metre out from the kerb is recommended. Other road-users will need to make a proper overtaking decision, rather than just squeezing past.

  4. Keep checking what’s around you. You may have seen other road-users, but have they seen you? Be ready to anticipate what others might do.

  5. Watch out for potholes: look at the road ahead and be work out how to get round problems in advance.

  6. If you’re cycling to a junction through standing traffic, do so with extreme caution: watch out for car doors opening, and especially for cars turning left across you.

  7. Wearing a helmet isn’t a legal requirement, but make sure you ride in whatever feels comfortable to you.

  8. For increased visibility consider wearing light-coloured clothes, or reflective fabrics.

  9. Never pass a large vehicle on the left whether it's stopped or moving.

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Riding at night

Riding at night

Take extra safety precautions in the dark:

  1. The Highway Code says you must have a front white light, a red back light and reflector. Your lights must flash, preferably on the fastest setting. It's good to have several lights, rather than just the minimum.

  2. Stand out and be seen. Modern bike clothes can have amazingly effective reflective elements, and it’s worth wearing neon colours, especially at dawn and dusk. If you ride with a rucksack, use a brightly coloured one.

  3. If you ride on unlit roads, use a front light that lights up the road surface rather than one that just allows you to be seen by other traffic.

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