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Family training

Who's it for?

Our bespoke family training provides guidance on how to safely cycle as a group on the road. Whether you’re new to cycling or just in need of some practice, we’ll teach you how adults should lead journeys and how children should follow.

Why you should do it

Led by a qualified instructor, this tailor-made training will help improve everyone’s confidence on cycling journeys.

What you'll learn

Following a chat about your family’s cycling ability, adults will be taught the necessary skills required to lead safe cycling trips. We will show you how to ride protectively with your children and how they can travel safely on the roads.

What you need

All participants will need their own roadworthy bike and helmet.


The sessions are delivered at your home, or a place which is convenient.

Age range

Sessions are open to all ages, but children must be able to cycle and control their bikes.

Length of session

Two hours.

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