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Why cycle?

Reasons to start cycling, and the benefits of riding in Greater Manchester


There are countless reasons to cycle that benefit your wellbeing, your health, your wallet and even your region, helping reduce health congestion and air quality issues in one go.

The independent cycling organisation, Whycycle, gives three great reasons for getting on your bike.

  1. Cycling is good for you
  2. Cycling is good for your wallet
  3. Cycling is good for your world

Whether you cycle regularly, are new to cycling or haven’t been on your bike in a while, here’s just some reasons to consider getting on your bike to work, to school, to the shops or to meet friends!

  • Cycling during the morning and afternoon peak in Greater Manchester is as fast as travelling by car for journeys of up to 6km to and from the Regional Centre. (TfGM)

  • Cycling journey times have almost 100% reliability. Car journeys can vary greatly, making you more stressed about the school drop off or that early meeting (TfGM)

  • Around 30% of journeys (around 200 million) in GM every year made by car are less than one kilometre. That’s a five-minute bike ride or a 15-minute walk (TFGM TRADS survey)

  • 54% of people who cycle to work feel happy and energised during their commute – more than any other mode (Cyclescheme, 2015)

  • Cycling to work is SIXTEEN times cheaper than driving and costs an average of £110 per year (based on an average cycle commute of 6km, TfGM data ).

If you want to ride into town, or to the start of a trip by public transport, our low-cost Cycle Hubs and bike lockers across the region mean you can leave your bike without worry.

We can help employers and businesses enjoy the benefits of a cycling workforce. Cyclists are generally healthier than average, take less time off work, and reduce pressure on car parks.

Greater Manchester has a growing network of quiet traffic-free cycle routes from urban centres out into the neighbouring countryside.