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Energy Saving Trust fleet review

Having a greener fleet is not just good for the environment, it also makes sound financial sense.

Energy Saving Trust offers Green Fleet Reviews that can both help cut costs and improve fleet carbon efficiency.

Is my business eligible?

Green Fleet Reviews are funded by the Department for Transport and are free for any organisation in Greater Manchester.

Reviews are delivered by Energy Saving Trust fleet consultants, who draw on experience working with numerous organisations and practical knowledge from within the fleet and energy sectors.

What next?

The starting point is to map the fuel use and miles driven of all vehicles in your fleet below 3.5 tonnes, use of cash opt-out or salary sacrifice cars, as well as private vehicles used for business travel (grey fleet). This will help indicate the complete carbon footprint.

The fleet consultants work closely with you to identify the required data and help if any information is missing. They will also work closely with your organisation’s fleet manager to sense check findings at each stage.

After the review you’ll receive a comprehensive report showing potential savings and outlining recommendations to reduce emissions, fuel use and costs while still meeting your fleet requirements.

A Green Fleet Review provides advice on the following:

  • Vehicle choice
    Which vehicles could be replaced with a lower carbon alternative that will reduce fleet costs, and what can be done to influence driver vehicle choice.

  • Fuel economy
    What strategies can be used to improve driver behaviour to increase fuel efficiency and help reduce costs.

  • Mileage reduction strategies
    Examine the need to travel and provide strategies to help reduce overall necessary mileage such as daily rental, car club and public transport alternatives.

  • Grey fleet management
    How to reduce your liabilities and offer alternatives to private vehicle use.

  • Staff engagement
    Options about how to best engage with staff to ensure success.

To apply for a fleet review please contact TfGM's Sustainable Journeys team.

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