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Go electric for clean air


Switching to ultra-low emission vehicles can help save lives.

It’s estimated that as many as 40,000 early deaths each year – in the UK alone – are linked to breathing polluted air.

Road transport in Greater Manchester is the main cause of some of the most harmful pollutants.

Vehicle exhausts can produce harmful gases and tiny particles of soot and other matter that pollute the air we all breathe. They also cause health problems and harm our environment.

Greater Manchester has been in breach of its legal limits for one of the most harmful pollutants – nitrogen dioxide – every year since 2011.

Of course, cycling, walking and public transport are the greenest ways to get around. But when you need to travel by car, electric vehicles beat petrol or diesel hands down.

Pure electric cars have no tailpipe emissions – in fact, they don’t even have an exhaust.

Even when you take into account the impact of generating electricity, pure electric vehicles still produce substantially lower greenhouse gases than petrol or diesel cars.

Plug-in hybrids also have significantly lower average emissions than traditional petrol or diesel cars.

Go electric and play your part in cleaning up our air, particularly in urban areas and at the roadside, where air quality can be worst.

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