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Debunking the myths around electric vehicles.

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Discover the truth about electric cars

There’s not many electric vehicles to choose from

There’s already an electric vehicle in most car body styles and at a range of price points. There’s also increasing numbers of electric vans coming to market, and there are even electric trucks and buses. The choice of electric vehicles is increasing month by month at the moment. As more and more people go electric, this trend is set to continue. Both new and traditional car manufacturers have announced plans to release new electric vehicles in coming years.

Electric vehicles are expensive

Switching to an electric vehicle could actually save you money. While some are more expensive to buy than similar petrol or diesel vehicles, in the long-term, going electric makes sound financial sense. That’s because they have much lower running and maintenance costs than petrol or diesel vehicles – typically around one-fifth of the running costs of a petrol vehicle. You can also save money on road tax too. And experts think that it’ll cost the same to buy an electric vehicle as a petrol one in the near future.

Electric vehicles have limited driving ranges

All of today’s pure electric cars can drive more than 100 miles on a single charge. In fact, some of the latest pure electric models run closer to 200 miles or more. These numbers are continuing to increase as technology improves. We actually travel much shorter distances than we realise, with the majority of car journeys in the UK less than 15 miles. That means you could do a number of trips and still be well within the range of all ultra-low emission vehicles.

Electric vehicles are difficult to charge

It’s likely that you’ll mainly charge your electric vehicle at home overnight, or at work. If you need more charge when you’re out and about, charging points can be found in all the places you’d expect, from residential streets to car parks and hotels. There are rapid chargers at virtually all motorway service stations too. The UK’s charging network is already one of the largest in Europe and it continues to grow. There is also a government and industry push to make sure more charge points work with all vehicles.

Electric vehicles aren’t good to drive

If you think that, then you probably haven’t driven an electric vehicle! In fact, they are typically seen as a better driving experience than petrol or diesel. Electric vehicles can accelerate immediately thanks to 100% torque availability at all times. They’re also extremely quiet and, as most have their batteries in the floor, the low centre of gravity means excellent handling.

You can’t take an electric vehicle through a car wash

Yes you can! Electric vehicles have to pass minimum standard safety tests and that includes driving in abnormal conditions such as floods.

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