Black Friday at the Trafford Centre

Black Friday at the Trafford Centre

Special event

Trafford Centre
Friday 25 November 2022 to Sunday 27 November 2022
Impacted area(s)

Trafford Centre

Whether you’re looking for a bargain on Black Friday or leave your shopping until the last minute, there’s so much to choose from at the Trafford Centre.

If you’re thinking of a day out to the world-renowned shopping and leisure destination, our travel tips will help you make the most of your trip.


Beat the car park queues and travel in style on Metrolink. The Trafford Centre is on the Trafford Park line and there are trams running on a 12-minute frequency from Cornbrook right to the centre.

If you need to drive, leave your car at Parkway park and ride (360 spaces), hop on the tram, and in five minutes, you’ll be at the doors of Selfridges.

To get up-to-date information on tram departures from your location, simply type your stop into our live updates webpage. Alternatively, to check the service frequency and the first and last tram times from your stop, visit our tram schedule for more information.


Metrolink operates a zonal fare system across the network. For further information and a full list of zones and ticket prices, visit the dedicated Metrolink ticket zone page.

We recommend using contactless payment for travel.

Just touch-in at the start of a journey and touch-out at the end using a contactless bank card or device (such as a phone or watch) at the on-stop machines. We’ll then calculate your fare, but make sure you use the same device to avoid being overcharged!

If you're travelling by Metrolink as a family, you can save money with our family travelcard which allows travel for one to three children (aged under 16) accompanied by one or two adults. However, this only is available via the on-stop ticket machines.

You can find further information about ticket prices, tram frequency and everything else on the Metrolink section of the TfGM website.

Bus services

The Trafford Centre has its own on-site bus station, with many services stopping there. Some are listed below, but you can also search for your service number and select your direction of travel on our bus webpage.

To/from the north: 20, 21, 22, X22.

To/from the south: 18 (Manchester Airport to Eccles), 23, 25, 245.

To/from the east: 52 and 150.

To/from the west: 100, 126, 132, 247.

To/from Manchester city centre: 250 and X50.

You can find a full list of services and live departures for the on-site bus station on our dedicated webpage.


With so many retailers making the biggest discounts of the year over the Black Friday weekend, there will be increased footfall at the Trafford Centre, meaning congestion on the roads too.

Based on data from previous years, if you are looking for a quieter time to travel to the Trafford Centre by road, why not plan your trip based on the times below?

Black Friday - Quieter between 2pm and 4pm or after 8pm. Saturday - Quieter between 10am and 1pm, and between 6pm and 9pm. Sunday - Quieter after 3pm.

If you are planning a stop in the city centre too, many central Manchester roads (including the inner ring road) will see higher journey times after 12pm on Friday, Saturdays and Sundays.

You may want to consider using your journey planner of choice to prepare for additional time to journeys by road. You can find our journey planner on our website.

Works continue on Trafford Road, with road closures between 7pm and 6.30am. Find out which roads are impacted on the day of your trip by visiting the Trafford Road works webpage.

Useful Links

We have brought together some links that can help plan your journey.