M60 Junction 18 Simister Island Interchange consultation

M60 Junction 18 Simister Island Interchange consultation

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M60 Junction 18 Simister Island Interchange consultation
Monday 22 June 2020 to Monday 17 August 2020
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View the consultation information here.

Highways England are holding a public consultation on proposals to improve M60 Junction 18 Simister Island Interchange.

The need for the scheme

In March 2020, the Government’s second Road Investment Strategy included a commitment for Highways England to improve Simister Island Interchange between the M62, M60 and M66. Simister Island Interchange is one of the busiest motorway junctions in the north-west used by around 90,000 vehicles each day. The junction struggles with such high volumes of traffic above what it was designed for, and as a result suffers from congestion and poor journey time reliability.

Highways England have developed two proposed options for the scheme. Both options are to improve junction 18 of the M60 and facilitate smoother flows of traffic along the M60, M62 and M66 in the scheme area, contributing to more reliable and safer journeys into and around Greater Manchester.

To complement improvements at Simister Island Interchange, Highways England will also convert the hard shoulder into a permanent traffic lane between M60 junctions 17 and 18, providing five lanes in both directions. This will provide additional benefits to those delivered through the Manchester smart motorways scheme and reduce delays through the improved junction as well as on the M60.

Please visit here for more information and to have your say on the proposal.

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View the consultation brochure and supporting information on the Highways England website.