Manchester City Centre

Manchester City Centre

Special event

Manchester City Centre
Monday 12 April 2021 to Wednesday 12 May 2021
Impacted area(s)

Manchester City Centre, Inner Ring Road, Great Ancoats Street

Driving πŸš—

πŸ”΄ Traffic has increased to around 85% of pre-Covid19 levels (thats a lot of vehicles on our roads) and with several ongoing major roadworks schemes in place and beginning soon, this could impact on your journey and increase your journey time, leading to congestion and queuing.

The main works that may cause congestion are on A6 Chapel Street to the west of the city and close by Trafford Road in Salford.

Top tips to help improve your journey by car to the city:

βœ”οΈ Use one of our free Park and Ride sites and take the final part of your trip to the city by tram.

βœ”οΈ Park your vehicle in a car park on the outskirts of the city and complete the journey on foot.

βœ”οΈ Use a journey planner before you leave home to find the best live route – There have been several main roads closed for social distancing since March so your usual route may have changed.

⏰ Quieter periods to shop and travel

The below is an indication of when the City Centre shops and streets are quieter

🟒 Weekdays Between 10am and 3pm and after 6pm.

🟒 Weekends Before 11am and after 4pm.

Metrolink 🚈

All Metrolink Lines will take you to the city centre quickly and will help you avoid traffic in the city.

Due to social distancing, services can’t carry as many people so as a guide the quietest times to travel are:

🟒 Monday to Friday 10am – 3pm.

🟒 Weekends before 11am and after 4pm.

πŸ”΄ Capacity warning - All Metrolink services leaving the city centre between 5-6pm are very busy and it may not be possible to socially distance. Travel before 5pm or after 6pm.

You can find more detailed quietest times to travel on your line here.

🚈🚈 Most of the trams operating will be double units - Providing more capacity and space for customers. ).

Park and Ride

Use the below Park and Rides for free parking and quick journey times to the City Centre

βœ”οΈ From the west use Ladywell- 25 minutes to the city. From Monday 12 April we will provide live capacity data at this link.

βœ”οΈ From the south use Sale Water Park (just off M60 Junction 6) or East Didsbury- both 25 minutes to the city. From Monday 12 April we will provide live capacity data at this link.

βœ”οΈ From the east use Ashton Moss close to M60 Junction 23 - 25 minutes to the city. From Monday 12 April we will provide live capacity data at this link.

βœ”οΈ From the north use Hollinwood close to M60 junction 22 – 15 minutes to the city

Bus 🚌

⚠️ If you can travel flexibly then avoid 8-10am and 3-6 pm Monday to Friday. There may be less space available on some services and you may have to wait for the next service. Have a back up travel plan just in case.

🟒 There is more capacity before 7am, between 10am - 3pm and after 6pm.

🟒 On weekends there is more available capacity on services towards the city before 11am and after 4pm.

Customers should plan their journey by bus before leaving home.

βœ”οΈ Many bus operators now have live location and capacity information on their apps – you can see where your bus is and how busy it is - allowing you to make the best decision for your journey.

Rail πŸš‚

The City Centre is easily reached from most areas within Greater Manchester and beyond. Manchester Victoria, Manchester Piccadilly, Manchester Oxford Road and Salford Central are all only minutes away from the main shopping areas.

🟒 If possible book your ticket and seat reservation in advance. Spaces are limited on services to allow for social distancing so plan before you travel!

Useful Links

We have brought together some links that can help plan your journey.

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