Manchester United v Arsenal

Manchester United v Arsenal


Old Trafford
Thursday 2 December 2021 from 8:15pm to 10:15pm
Impacted area(s)

Manchester city centre, Trafford, Stretford, Salford

Manchester United face Arsenal at 8.15pm on Thursday 2 December.

If you're travelling to watch the fixture our key advice is:

  • Expect the roads around the ground to be busy from 5pm as fans travel to the stadium and people travel home from work. If you have to drive to the game, allow additional time for your journey and remember roadworks are taking place on Trafford Road.
  • A six-minute service will be operating to Old Trafford on the Altrincham line but you should also consider travelling to/from Wharfside, Exchange Quay and Trafford Bar as services may be quieter (and quicker).


Services on the Altrincham line will be busier than normal before the game from 5pm to 8pm and from 10pm to 11pm after the match. Please allow plenty of time for your journey.

There are a number of stops within easy walking distance of the ground:

Supporters can park for free at Parkway Park and Ride and board the tram to Wharfside - which is only a five-minute walk to the stadium. There are also several other free Park and Rides available - Click here for more options


Supporters should use contactless for payments, it's a quick and easy way to pay. Just remember to touch in and out!


The post-match shuttle bus will not be operating for this fixture.

If you are intending to catch a bus to Old Trafford the following commercial bus services will bring you closest to the ground – 250, 255, 256, 263 and x50.

The southbound bus stops on Trafford Road between Phoebe Street and Tesco Express have now re-opened.

Please be aware that services will be busier than normal from 5pm until 8pm before the game and again after the game from 10pm until 11pm.

Journey times could also be impacted due to the increased levels of traffic, so be sure to plan ahead and allow extra time for your travel.

Services are operating to a normal timetable but for more information consider following @StagecoachGM on twitter.


Traffic on the roads around the Trafford area is expected to be busy from around 5pm. Trafford Road and Chester Road are expected to have significantly increased journey times.

In addition, major roadworks are also taking place on Trafford Road which are leading to increased journey times.

If you are travelling to the official car parks then the quickest route is via M60 Junction 9, Parkway and Wharfside Way.

The Quays junction off Trafford Road will re-open on Monday 22 November ahead of this fixture.


Old Trafford is easily accesible on foot from local areas - beat the traffic and take a stroll to and from the match.

We are encouraging everyone who is within 30 minutes of the stadium to make their journey to the match on foot. Earn that half time pie!

From the city centre it's a 45-minute walk along the Bridgewater Canal.

Click here to see all local areas within a 30-minute walk of Old Trafford

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