Trafford Centre

Trafford Centre

Special event

Trafford Centre
Monday 12 April 2021 to Wednesday 12 May 2021
Impacted area(s)

M60 Junctions 15 - 9, Eccles, Urmston.

Other local areas may be affected including Trafford Park, Urmston and Eccles

Driving šŸš—

āš ļø Roads in Trafford and towards The Trafford Centre are busier and almost at the same levels as February 2020.

People making a trip to the shops should use the below information to make an informed decision to improve their journey.

The standard shopping hours will be 10am - 9pm. However, many stores will be open earlier and later. Click here to find out specific times.

šŸ…æļø Car parking at The Trafford Centre will be limited for social distancing reasons. Its important to check before you travel to see if there are spaces available. Our @OfficialTfGM twitter channel will keep you updated.

Please use the information below to help plan your journey, arrive at quieter periods and save time whilst looking for a parking space!

ā° Based on traffic data for the week commencing 12 April the quieter periods are:

šŸŸ¢ Weekdays before 10am, 3pm ā€“ 5pm & 8pm ā€“ 9pm

šŸŸ¢ Saturdays Before 1pm and after 7pm

šŸŸ¢ Sundays Before 12pm and after 4pm

āœ”ļø Remember that if you are arriving via the M60 that you can access The Trafford Centre from both junctions 9 and 10.

āœ”ļø Taking the bus or the tram may be the best option, it will save looking for a car parking space and there is capacity available to travel safely.

Metrolink šŸšˆ

A fast and frequent tram service runs to two stops within easy walking distance of The Trafford Centre and Barton Square.

šŸŸ¢ Metrolink services are operating every 10 minutes from 6am onwards direct to The Trafford Centre from Cornbrook. Click here to see how you can easily connect to the Trafford Park line from Cornbrook.

šŸšˆšŸšˆ __Most of the trams operating will be double units - Providing more capacity and space for customers. __

āœ”ļø Parkway Park & Ride is now open which has over 300 free car parking spaces for Metrolink customers.

Please remember to wear a face mask when travelling on public transport. More information can be found here.

Bus šŸšŒ

The Trafford Centre has its own bus station with services travelling far and wide.

šŸŸ¢ There is capacity on all bus services to and from The Trafford Centre - so beat the traffic and take the bus. This page will be updated with specific service information, and the quietest times to travel.

šŸŸ  If you can travel flexibly remember between 8-9am and 3-5pm bus services will be busier with school children and key workers, so avoid these periods if possible.

Click here for the station information and all the bus services available. There is a handy live departure board too to assist.

You can also click here for the most up to date timetable of any service.

šŸ‘ Stay ahead of the game! - Remember to check your bus service before leaving home and when you are planning to leave The Trafford Centre.

šŸŸ¢ Many bus operators now have live location and capacity information on their apps ā€“ you can see where your bus is and how busy it is - allowing you to make the best decision for your journey.

Please remember to wear a face mask when travelling on public transport. More information can be found here.

Useful Links

We have brought together some links that can help plan your journey