Chorlton Road

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Update: Tuesday 11 May

šŸš§ Phase 2 started on February 1 and will last until May. See Road section below for further information.

  • Until the end of May 2021
  • Chorlton
  • Manchester city centre

Advice for drivers

šŸš§ Phase 2 of the works are underways at the junction of Chorlton Road and Stretford Road. Traffic management including temporary signals and lane closures will be in place until May 2021.

šŸŸ¢ For local and shorter trips walking šŸš¶ and cycling šŸš“ are recommeneded, especially on Stretford Road where there is a dedicated cycle lane towards Manchester and Stretford. Get on your bikes and ride!

Explore your neighbourhood šŸš¶ šŸš“

The roads surrounding the works may be congested, slow moving and shorter trips in local area's may be quicker by walking and cycling. There is a fantastic new website where you can easily navigate the walking and cycling options from your own home and postcode. Click here for further information