Chorlton Road

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Updated: Tuesday 25th February

The first phase of the scheme is located between Chester Road roundabout and Stretford Road.

Works have commenced at the junction of Royce Road and Chorlton Road. Temporary signals will be manually controlled by engineers during peak hours (7am-10am and 3.30pm-6pm). So far the delays have averaged 2 minutes during the evening peak period on Chorlton Road southbound. The A56 Chester Road is an alternative to save time behind the wheel!

  • From 13 January until 23 February
  • Chorlton
  • Manchester city centre

Advice for drivers

The last week of works resulted in an average delay of 2 minutes between 4.30pm and 7pm on Chorlton Road (southbound) between Mancunian Way and Royce Road.

Use A56 Chester Road and A5014 Chester Road towards Stretford Road for journeys travelling to Trafford Bar, Firswood and Moss Side.

During the peak periods, engineers will manually operate the temporary traffic signals to balance the traffic queues and allow each arm of the junction to move.

For local and shorter trips walking and cycling are recommeneded, especially on Stretford Road where there is a dedicated cycle lane towards Manchester and Stretford. Get on your bikes and ride!