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Updated: Thursday 13th February

A lane closure is now in place on Swan Street Westbound between Oldham Road and Rochdale Road until April. This will add additional delays especially in the evening peak period.

A lane closure is also now in place on Addington Street (the road linking Rochdale Road to Oldham Road). This caused delays during the AM peak of 10 minutes so far this week.

The investment project will take around 12 months to complete.

  • Work is underway and will continue until late 2020.
  • Great Ancoats Street
  • Oldham Road
  • Old Mill Street

Advice for drivers

Lane closures, reducing the capacity of the road, will be in place at all times during these works. Details of the specific closure locations are shown below and will be updated frequently.

Lane closures in place

Three seperate lane closures are currently in place on Great Ancoats Street leading to delays of up to 15 minutes between 4pm and 7pm. They are:

  • One lane is closed westbound on Great Ancoats at the junction of Oldham Road.
  • One lane is closed westbound on Great Ancoats between Pollard Street and Old Mill Street. Combined these lane closures have led to delays of up to 15 minutes between 4pm and 7pm.
  • One lane is closed on Swan Street.
  • One lane closed inbound (towards Manchester) on Oldham Road just before the Addington Street junction. Delays of around 10 minutes have been recorded between 7.30am and 9.30am.

Re-time your journey or take an alternative route (options below).

Road users travelling to and from the north and east of the city centre should use Alan Turing Way as an alternative route to avoid delays. Since the beginning of the works journey times using this route have been better than using Great Ancoats.

Arriving and departing the city centre via an alternative route may improve your journey time; Rochdale Road, Ashton New Road and Ashton Old Road are options. Check back for weekly updates on journey times and the quickest routes.

If it’s necessary to travel along Great Ancoats Street then the best times to avoid expected delays are before 7.30am, between 10am and 4pm and after 7pm.

Alternative travel


Avoid the traffic, get in and out of the city quicker via tram.

There are several Metrolink lines available to use and many stops have cycling storage facilities and free Park and Ride options.

If travelling from east Manchester, there are two Park and Ride sites available:

  • Ashton Moss with 200 spaces (Alexandria Drive, Ashton, OL6 7UB) – 30-minute journey time to the city centre.
  • Ashton West with 194 spaces (Lord Sheldon Way, Ashton, OL7 0PG) - 30-minute journey time to the city centre.

If travelling from the north, there are also three Park and Ride sites available:

  • Hollinwood with 202 spaces (Hudson Street, Failsworth, OL9 7LG) – 20-minute journey time to the city centre.
  • Mumps with 286 spaces (Prince Street, Oldham, OL1 3TJ) – 27-minute journey time to the city centre.
  • Derker with 267 spaces (Cromford Street, Derker, OL1 4DW) - 30 minute journey time to the city centre. Cycle Hub available. Cycle lockers available.


Several bus services to the north of the works have the advantage of a dedicated bus lane on Oldham Road which will take you to the heart of the city centre! Hop on the 76, 83, 84, 180 and 184 services to bypass the traffic.

To the east of the works the 216, 217, 230 and 231 bus services offer a fast, cheap and frequent alternative to the car.

During the peak periods it may be quicker to take a bus on other roads with regular services to and from the city centre. This includes services on Rochdale Road and Ashton Old Road.


Greater Manchester is well served by rail, so why not beat the traffic and take the train?

Work in the city? Avoid the traffic and delays and hop on the train to get you to and from Manchester.

Fast and frequent services operate seven days a week! There is capacity is off – peak Monday – Friday 9.30am to 4pm and after 6.30pm and it’s cheaper during these hours too.

If you’re travelling from the north of the city there are stations at Moston, Mills Hill, Castleton plus several more.

If travelling from the east of the city, frequent services arrive and depart from Ashton-Under-Lyne, Stalybridge and several more.

Cycling and Walking

During the works local and shorter trips may be quicker by walking/cycling. Great Ancoats Street is surrounded by fantastic canal paths which are well-lit and connect to areas to the north of the city centre.

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Off-peak works underway. Main work will begin in early 2020.
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