Swinton Roadworks

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Updated: Tuesday 25th February

Essential gas replacement works are ongoing on A6 Chorley Road, Swinton at the junction of Partington Lane and Station Road. These works are scheduled to be comepleted on Friday this week. 4 Way temporary signals are in operation.

Dealys remain heaviest in the morning peak period for roads users travelling Eastbound. Re-timing and Re-routing your journey could save you time spent behind the wheel.

  • Ongoing until March 2020
  • A6 Chorley Road, Swinton

Advice for drivers

Journey time data from the last week has indicated delays in the region of 20 minutes in the morning peak period. Re-timing your journey to before 7.00am or after 8.30am would save time behind the wheel.

Re-routing to the A580 between the M60 and the City Centre saves around 10 minutes in the morning peak period. Re-routing onto the A666 Bolton Road could save 15 minutes a day behind the wheel in the morning peak period.

In the evening delays on the A6 in the Swinton area peak between 5pm and 6pm. Journey times are considerably better before 4.30pm and after 6.30pm. Re-time your journey now. Diverting onto the A580 East Lancs could save you time.

Temporary 66A shuttle service (Clifton to Swinton)

For the duration of the works, a temporary shuttle service has been introudced.

It will run once an hour from Clifton to Swinton (and vice versa) Monday to Saturday.

You can see the temporary timetable for the service here.


Avoid the traffic and delays and hop on the train to get you to and from Manchester and beyond!. Fast and frequent services operate seven days a week.

There is capacity off-peak Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 4pm and after 6.30pm. It’s cheaper during these hours too!

There are stations at Swinton, Moorside and Walkden.

Cycling and Walking

During the works local and shorter trips may be quicker by walking/cycling. This is especially the case in the Swinton area. Enjoy a nice stroll or get on those bikes and ride!

Useful Links

We have brought together some links that can help plan your journey