Trinity Way and Irwell Street works

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Latest Update: Friday 26 November

Lane closures will be in place along Trinity Way and Irwell Street until May 2023.

Re-time your journey in the area to before 3pm or after 7pm if possible.

  • July 2021 until May 2023
  • Trinity Way
  • Irwell Street


Lane closures came into effect from July this year and will remain place until May 2023:

  • Irwell Street, north bound, will be reduced to one lane.
  • Trinity Way, from Irwell Street south bound, will be reduced to one lane.

If you have to drive, consider re-routing your journey travelling clockwise instead which may be quicker and avoid driving between 3pm and 7pm.

Please consider how and when you choose to travel during these works, our advice is to consider re-routing your journey if you are not able to leave the car at home.


Although no buses are currently being diverted due to the works, these works are causing an increase to journey times for all road users in the local area.

If you can travel flexibly, consider taking the bus between 10am and 3pm where there is more capacity.

Some bus operators have capacity data and live bus locations on their apps, check services before leaving for your journey.

Free park and ride is available for bus passengers, located on the A580 close to the M60. Click here for further information.

Check here for all timetable information.

Walking and Cycling

The roads surrounding the works may be congested, slow moving and shorter trips in local area's may be quicker by walking and cycling.

There is a fantastic new website where you can easily navigate the walking and cycling options from your own home and postcode. Click here for further information.

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We have brought together some links that can help plan your journey.