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New book marks 25 years of Metrolink

20 October 2017
25 Years Book

A special commemorative book has been launched looking back on the history of Metrolink and its expansion over the past 25 years.

Written by Mark Ovenden, ‘Metrolink: The first 25 years’ chronicles the entire history of the system.

The new book shows how the city’s famous trams have now become a landmark feature right across Greater Manchester.

As it charts the various new line openings, the book explores feats of construction and engineering, technical innovations and how challenges along the way were overcome.

It also has interviews with staff who worked on the initial concept for Metrolink and helped to deliver the new tram lines.

Since it’s opening on 6 April 1992, Metrolink has gone on to become the largest light rail network in the UK. The tram network, which celebrated its silver jubilee earlier this year, is now treble its original size thanks to a £1.5bn expansion programme.

Service now run to 93 stops on seven lines right across Greater Manchester. Spanning more than 60miles, a fleet of 120 modern trams carry a record breaking 40 million passenger journeys a year.

‘Metrolink: The first 25 years’ is available at Piccadilly Gardens Travelshop, local bookstores, Waterstones, the Greater Manchester Transport Museum and online.

Read the full news release for more information.