Starting from September 2023, Greater Manchester will have local control over our bus network. For the first time since 1986, we will be responsible for decisions about where buses run, how often and at what times.

Over time, local control of our buses will deliver a number of benefits for passengers:

Simpler fares and ticketing

Simpler fares and ticketing

You will be able to use your tickets on all Greater Manchester’s buses and hop-on and hop-off between services.

There will be a simple fare structure, so you will always know how much your journey will cost and will pay no more than a certain amount for daily journeys.

Simple Travel Information

Simple travel information

Bee Network buses will have better, easier to understand on-board travel information. So people will know where they are going and where they need to get off. This will make them much more accessible for visually impaired people.

There will also be a new app for travel information and customer support – making it easier to get around and get help when you need it.


Buses for all

It means every bus will be accessible to all.

We will ensure all vehicles can be used by everyone so you can be sure you can get on and use your local bus.


Joined up services

Local control allows for more joined-up planning between buses and other transport options, such as tram or bike. This will mean passengers can change between buses and trams, or buses and cycling or walking – making your journey quick and easy from your door to wherever you need to go.