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Doing business with TfGM

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is the local government body responsible for delivering Greater Manchester’s transport strategy and commitments.

We’re responsible for investing in improving transport services and facilities, supporting the largest regional economy outside London.

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Procurement in TfGM

Procurement responsibilities

At Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) we understand our responsibility is to ensure that we spend public finances fairly, reasonably and deliver best value for money. To do this we aim to make it as easy and transparent for our present and future partners to work with us to deliver enhanced value and continuous improvement. To ensure this happens Procurement’s role within TfGM is to support the organisation to:

  • procure goods, services and works at the right quality;
  • achieve the best value whole life cost;
  • purchase the most economic quantities ensuring they are available when needed;
  • ensure compliance with all necessary regulations including EU public procurement of goods, services and works.

Procurement policy and process

The table below illustrates the procurement approach taken for all values of expenditure.

£100 - <£1,000:

Two verbal quotations are to be sought. The preferred payment method for this value of expenditure is via a Procurement credit card.

£1,000 - <£50,000:

Three written quotations to be obtained, however it isn’t uncommon for tender exercises to be carried out between these values.

Over £50,000:

A formal tender exercise is to be carried out.

Over OJEU threshold for contract or aggregation of goods/services in a 12 month period:

By European law Transport for Greater Manchester are required to advertise in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU), any expenditure over £164,176 per contract or aggregation of goods/services in a 12 month period. TfGM advertise OJEU notices on Tenders Electronic Daily, potential suppliers are to express an interest via the method described within the notice; this expression of interest may be followed by a pre-qualification and tender exercise.

Over OJEU threshold for contract works:

Similar to the procurement of goods and services over a certain value, the procurement of works over £4,104,394 by EU law is required to be advertised by OJEU notice. Again OJEU notices can be found on Tenders Electronic Daily.
All procurements are to be carried out electronically by our e-tendering system, Pro-Contract. Read section ‘Welcome to E-Tendering’ for more info.

Working with TfGM

Welcome to E-Tendering

As part of TfGM’S initiative to drive continuous improvement and efficiency, an E-Tendering system provided by Due North, called Pro-Contract is used for all procurement activity. TfGM are working in partnership with Due North and AGMA to ensure that an environmentally friendly and more efficient tender process is undertaken. To ensure you can take advantage of the opportunities for business that TfGM have to offer, please register online via the 'Suppliers Area'.

By registering your company details you will receive information about TfGM’s procurement activities which will enable you to express your interest against opportunities of interest online.

You will automatically receive e-mail updates on procurement activities that match your selected capabilities, and send/receive tender documentation quickly and securely.

Companies requiring any assistance in the registration process should contact Due north by e-mail and/or telephone:
Telephone: 01670 597 137

How we work with suppliers

TfGM uses the purchase to pay system SAP to place orders with suppliers.

Responsible procurement: Social Value Charter

TfGM recognises that key to responsible procurement is the balance between achieving value for money and the delivery of social value, in a manner which takes into account of ethical, social equality and inclusion, environmental and sustainability factors
TfGM expects similar behaviours and performance standards of all suppliers. With this in mind TfGM will work with its suppliers and their supply chains to develop their procurement processes that encourage and drive continuous improvement in all areas of responsible procurement.

Payment terms

TfGM payment terms are 30 days from the receipt of invoice.

Where to submit invoices

All invoices are processed centrally and therefore MUST be submitted to the following address:

FAO Accounts Payable
Transport for Greater Manchester
2 Piccadilly Place
Manchester. M1 3BG

Please do not:

  • Carry out any work on behalf of or for TfGM without a valid purchase order

  • Send invoices to anybody within TfGM other than the address listed above. (We do however encourage our suppliers to send a draft invoice/delivery note to the person named on the Purchase Order, this is to enable internal receipting processes to be carried out in preparation for our Accounts Payable team to process your invoice.)

Invoice processing

Please be advised that in order for TfGM to issue payment of supplier invoices, we ask that you ensure the purchase order number (starting with 350…) is referenced on the invoice. Failure to do so may delay payment.

Payment method

The majority of all payments are made through BACS.

Contact us

FAO: Transport for Greater Manchester
2 Piccadilly Place
M1 3BG