TfGM tenders for contracts for the provision of general network bus services, school services and Local Link (flexi) services. These can be:

  • Minimum Subsidy Agreements (the contractor retains any revenue derived from the operation of the services and TfGM pays the balance of the cost of providing the service)
  • Cost Re-imbursement Agreements, (any revenue derived from operation of the services belongs to TfGM)

TfGM also procures replacement services for Metrolink during engineering or other scheduled works, and in cases where a current operator can no longer fulfil its service registration responsibilities, or part of a de-registered journey/route. TfGM may also procure shuttle bus services during major events to support existing transport.

To procure these services in line with the Public Contract Regulations 2015 we use a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) process to establish lists of pre-qualified operators to whom we can then issue tenders for services.

This process has three stages:

1 Qualification and admittance to the DPS supplier list

Suppliers must download, complete and return the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) document, plus at least one of the Lot Question packs, by email to:

We will evaluate responses and score them according to the methodology in the PQQ. Operators must score at least 55% to gain entry onto the supplier lists. We will notify all operators of their application’s outcome within three weeks - and we will offer to work with unsuccessful operators to help them improve their score. Operators are welcome to reapply at any time.

2 Tenders for bus service contracts

Once operators are on our supplier lists, they must register on our eTendering system, Pro-Contract so we can add them to the distribution lists for tender opportunities.

We will invite those on the supplier lists to tender for contracts whenever opportunities arise.

3 Contract awards

As part of the new Public Contract Regulations we will publish all contract awards from the DPS on the new Government Contracts Finder Portal.

Useful documents:

Question pack lot A (general network and schools)
Question pack lot B (demand responsive transport
Question Pack lot C (replacement services)