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School travel advice

Updated: Friday 30 April 2021

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Make sure children don’t miss the bell 🔔

We’re actively encouraging commuters and passengers on buses, trams and trains to help pupils and students get to and from school by avoiding the school ‘peak periods’. By not travelling during these periods, you will help free up capacity on public transport and the roads around schools and colleges.

For parents, here are some handy tips and different travel options to help children and students get to and from school on time (and make sure they don’t get a detention for being late!):

  • Rock and roll/stroll! - Walk or cycle to school (especially for shorter distances). This will help free up space for students who live further away to travel by public transport.

  • Bus - Check below on the high frequency bus services which travel on the main roads to and from a school. There is more specific school information in the District lists below.

  • Tram - All services will run to a 10-minute frequency. Check details here.

  • Rail - Check your services is running to schedule.

  • Back-up plan - Make sure they have one! If their bus, tram or train is at capacity or is delayed, how can they get to school? It might be quicker to walk to school or to board another service.

  • Dropping off at school or college by car? - Park up a few streets away so your child can walk the last leg into school. It'll be quicker and safer for everyone. And if you're waiting, please switch off your engine to reduce air pollution.

  • Sharing a lift – Your child shouldn’t share a car with anyone outside your household or support bubble if they can. If this isn’t possible, ask them to open the windows, wear a face covering unless they’re exempt and leave some seats free to social distance.

Below we have highlighted a number of schools and colleges in Greater Manchester where road congestion is a problem and there are public transport /school services available ⬇️