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Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has a range of products and services to help young people across the region access their place of education.

See our full list of products and services below to help you save money and time


School bus services

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) subsidise around 338 dedicated school services. Most are ordinary bus routes open to the general public and, as such, primary school children should be accompanied by a responsible adult.


Yellow School Bus services

We run a fleet of 87 hybrid-electric Yellow School Buses (YSB), which are not open to the general public and need to be applied for. They pick-up and drop-off children close to home, in a safe place to wait and board.


iGo card

From the age of 11 until 31 August after your 16th birthday, you can pay child fares on buses in Greater Manchester if you have an iGo card


Scholars Concessionary permit

If you're aged between 16 to 19, you can pay for child fares on buses, trams and trains in Greater Manchester for your travel to school or college.


Free School pass

If you're under 16 and it's a long way to school, a Free School Pass lets you travel there and back for nothing. You must apply for a pass from your local council not from TfGM.


Clean Air – Play YOUR part

How we choose to travel to school affects us all.

Vehicle exhausts can produce harmful gases and tiny particles of soot and other matter that pollute the air we all breathe. They also cause health problems and harm our environment.

We’ve created an online game to help teach you about the effects of air pollution and how you can help reduce these effects.

Play now

We’re looking hard at ways to improve our air quality. But, unless we all play a part, transport emissions will continue to harm us.