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Electric vehicles

Find out more about the GMEV network and how electric vehicles could work for you
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GMEV is changing

Welcome to the online home of the Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle (GMEV) network.

We’re gearing up for a major transformation. From the end of June 2020, the GMEV network and brand will start to be replaced by a new network: Be.EV.

The improved network will offer a reliable, efficient and affordable charging service and, in coming years, will be expanded further across Greater Manchester.

If you’re a current GMEV member the changes will affect you. If you have a ‘Charge Your Car’ access card, you’ll eventually need to sign up to the new scheme to enjoy membership benefits when using the upgraded chargers.

Please sign up below for updates so we can keep you informed.

The new network

During summer the network will be improved:

  • 24 new rapid chargers will be installed.
  • GMEV charge points will be replaced with new fast chargers.

Some existing GMEV charging points will also be removed due to low usage and technical issues. We’ll give details of the locations and removal dates here when available, and in our electric vehicles newsletter.

More information about the new network will be available soon. You can see current and future charging points at

Using the network

Existing GMEV members

You’ll be able to use the existing GMEV chargers for free until they are closed down for upgrading.

During the transition period you will also be able to use all our new chargers for free until ALL our fast charging infrastructure is fully operational, by autumn 2020.

Please continue to use your Charge Your Car RFID card or Charge Your Car app on the existing GMEV network for now. You can also continue to use these on other Charge Your Car charging points across the country.

Once the Be.EV fast chargers begin to appear, you’ll be able to use your Charge Your Car RFID card (or any other RFID-enabled card, including contactless bank cards) during the transition. We will notify you here and via email updates (sign up for these here) when you need to register to the Be.EV network to benefit from membership opportunities.

As the new rapid chargers begin to appear, you’ll be able to use your Charge Your Car RFID card (or any other RFID- enabled card, including contactless bank cards) to access free charging until all fast chargers have been installed. At that point you’ll be able to join the new Be.EV membership scheme and use a Be.EV card on fast and rapid chargers. Contactless credit card payment will also be available on rapid chargers once the tariff is introduced.

New users

If you’d like to join the existing GMEV network, find out more.

Find a current charge point


After six years offering free charging, the GMEV network will gradually become a competitively priced ‘pay-as-you-charge’ scheme.

Charging income will cover the ongoing operation and maintenance costs of the network. This will allow us to invest in the network and offer you a high-quality charging service that is reliable and efficient.

The proposed pay-as-you-charge fee would be up to £0.25 per kWh if using a fast charger and up to £0.35 per kWh using a rapid charger. Be.EV members will be eligible for reduced fees, and details will be announced when the new membership scheme is launched later in 2020.

Keep up to date

Be.EV is currently developing a new membership scheme for the charging network and will make an announcement soon.

Please sign up now to register your interest and get timely updates. This is the best way to hear about any future changes that affect how you use the GMEV and Be.EV charging network.

Sign up for updates

About Be.EV

Be.EV is Amey’s electric vehicle charging brand in Greater Manchester. Amey is a specialist infrastructure services provider with extensive experience in the highways, rail, defence, justice, consulting, data science, investment and environmental sectors. Amey’s charge point provider is SWARCO, one of the leading e-mobility solutions providers in the UK and internationally.

The installation of new rapid charging infrastructure and upgrading the current GMEV fast charging network is being carried out by local Amey teams for Be.EV.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the current GMEV network or transition to Be.EV, please email:


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