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Electric vehicles

Find out more about the Be.EV network and how electric vehicles could work for you
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GMEV is now Be.EV

Welcome to the online home of Greater Manchester’s publicly owned electric vehicle charging network.

During summer 2020, the network underwent a major transformation, with the GMEV network and brand replaced by a new network: Be.EV.

The Be.EV network has seen fast chargers upgraded to offer a reliable, efficient and affordable charging service and, in coming years, will be expanded across Greater Manchester.

If you’re a current GMEV member the changes affect you. If you have a Charge Your Car access card, you’ll need to sign up to the new scheme to enjoy membership benefits when using the upgraded chargers.

Join Be.EV for free

To become a Be.EV member, you can register for free at the Be.EV website.

Registration should only take a couple of minutes. You can then immediately use the app to charge at any Be.EV charging point and your RFID membership card will be posted to you.

As a Be.EV member, you’ll have access to more than 1,000 chargers from other operators across the UK, in addition to Be.EV charging points. And, while the Be.EV network currently remains free of charge to use, a tariff will be introduced for all users in future. At this stage, members will be able to take advantage of simple billing – with a single payment each month – and a private login area to monitor usage, control spending, add more vehicles and order additional membership cards.

You can also use the network as a non-member via WebPay or a contactless credit card on new rapid chargers. For more information, see the ‘Using the network’ section below.

Join Be.EV

The Be.EV network

There are now 118 new and upgraded fast chargers on the Be.EV network across Greater Manchester, alongside seven rapid chargers. Coming soon:

  • 18 new rapid chargers will be installed during 2021.

  • 30 new taxi and private hire-only rapid chargers are due to be installed in 2021. Find out more at the GM Taxi Standards website.

Some old GMEV charging points have been removed due to low usage and technical issues.

We’ll share more information on the new network on this page in the future. You can also see current and future charging points on the Be.EV locations map.

Using the network

From Friday 15 January 2021, existing GMEV members will no longer be able to use their current Charge Your Car/GMEV card to charge at Be.EV charging points.

There are four ways you can use Be.EV chargers from 15 January.

Method Fast charger Rapid charger
Be.EV RFID card Yes Yes
Be.EV app Yes Yes
Contactless bank card No *
WebPay Yes Yes

Remember, you don’t need to be a Be.EV member to use the charging points. You can charge at any Be.EV point through WebPay by visiting from any mobile device. Simply follow the instructions on the charging point.

There are other networks operating EV chargers in Greater Manchester. To find your nearest charger, please see below.

Find a charging point

(* From 11 January 2021 drivers will initially be unable to use a contactless bank card to charge their vehicle at a Be.EV rapid charger. However, once a tariff is introduced, the choice of using a contactless debit or credit card will be introduced.)

About Be.EV

Be.EV is Amey’s electric vehicle charging brand in Greater Manchester. Amey is a specialist infrastructure services provider with extensive experience in the highways, rail, defence, justice, consulting, data science, investment and environmental sectors. Amey’s charge point provider is SWARCO, one of the leading e-mobility solutions providers in the UK and internationally.

The installation of new rapid charging infrastructure and upgrading the current GMEV fast charging network is being carried out by local Amey teams for Be.EV.

Contact us

For EV charging network customer services, please contact Be.EV direct.

If you have any questions about TfGM’s involvement with the Be.EV network, please email:


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