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Electric vehicles

Find out more about Greater Manchester's charger network and how electric vehicles could work for you
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Charging towards the future

Greater Manchester has an ambitious vision for electric vehicles (EVs). By 2030, anyone who chooses to travel by car or van will be able to confidently drive an EV knowing that they can recharge it quickly and conveniently across the region. This will help reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality and play a major part in a cleaner, sustainable and integrated transport system.

The Greater Manchester EV Charging Infrastructure Strategy

Greater Manchester’s new draft Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Strategy sets out how we’ll get there. It’s part of the Greater Manchester Transport Strategy 2040, which has the goals of supporting economic growth, protecting our environment, improving everyone’s quality of life and making the most of new technology. It also supports the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan, which will see the introduction of a Clean Air Zone in the region in spring 2022.

The challenge

There are around 360 publicly available EV chargers in Greater Manchester with approximately 700 connectors. By 2025, it’s estimated that we’ll need 2,700 fast and 300 rapid public chargers to meet demand. The Strategy sets out that public sector investment will be required in the short term to expand the charging network so that people can move to electric vehicles with confidence. In the longer term, commercial operators will need to expand their charging networks so that public sector involvement can reduce over time.

Our priorities

Initially we’ll be focusing public sector investment in chargers supporting people and businesses who’ll find it most difficult to switch to EV. We’ve identified three important areas:

  • The taxi trade – we’re planning to install around 70 rapid chargers dedicated for use only by hackney carriage and private hire vehicle drivers.
  • EV car clubs – TfGM will be running a trial with an EV car club operator. Members will be able to rent an EV by the hour, with dedicated car club charging points available for recharging.
  • Community hubs – we’ll work with local communities and businesses to trial local EV charger hubs where home charging is difficult or where there is demand for van charging.

We’re also busy installing 24 new rapid chargers with an initial £3m in government funding.

Find out more

For more information on Greater Manchester’s ambitious plans and how they’ll help drivers make the change to EV, read the draft Greater Manchester EV Charging Infrastructure Strategy. We’ll be launching a new EV website soon, so check back for updates.

The Be.EV charging network

Be.EV is Greater Manchester’s publicly owned electric vehicle charging network.

During summer 2020, the GMEV network was rebranded as Be.EV. If you’re a GMEV member the changes affect you. If you have a Charge Your Car access card, you’ll need to sign up to the new scheme to enjoy membership benefits when using Be.EV chargers.

There are now 118 new and upgraded fast chargers on the Be.EV network across Greater Manchester and seven rapid chargers. Coming soon:

  • 17 new rapid chargers will be installed during 2021.

  • 30 new taxi and private hire-only rapid chargers are due to be installed in 2021. Find out more at the GM Taxi Standards website.

Some old GMEV charging points have been removed due to low usage and technical issues.

You can also see current and future charging points on the Be.EV locations map.

Join Be.EV for free

To become a Be.EV member, you can register for free at the Be.EV website.

Registration should only take a couple of minutes. You can then immediately use the app to charge at any Be.EV charging point and your RFID membership card will be posted to you.

As a Be.EV member, you’ll have access to more than 1,000 chargers from other operators across the UK, in addition to Be.EV charging points. And, while the Be.EV network currently remains free of charge to use, a tariff will be introduced for all users in future. At this stage, members will be able to take advantage of simple billing – with a single payment each month – and a private login area to monitor usage, control spending, add more vehicles and order additional membership cards.

You can also use the network as a non-member via WebPay or a contactless credit card on new rapid chargers. For more information, see the ‘Using the network’ section below.

Join Be.EV

Using the network

Existing GMEV members can no longer use their current Charge Your Car/GMEV card to charge at Be.EV charging points.

There are four ways you can use Be.EV chargers.

Method Fast charger Rapid charger
Be.EV RFID card Yes Yes
Be.EV app Yes Yes
Contactless bank card No *
WebPay Yes Yes

Remember, you don’t need to be a Be.EV member to use the charging points. You can charge at any Be.EV point through WebPay by visiting from any mobile device. Simply follow the instructions on the charging point.

There are other networks operating EV chargers in Greater Manchester. To find your nearest charger, please see below.

Find a charging point

(* Drivers are currently unable to use a contactless bank card to charge their vehicle at a Be.EV rapid charger. However, once a tariff is introduced, the choice of using a contactless debit or credit card will be introduced.)

Contact us

For EV charging network customer services, please contact Be.EV direct.

If you have any questions about TfGM’s plans for the EV charging network in Greater Manchester, please email:


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