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Find out about charging on the GMEV network


It’s likely that you’ll mainly charge your electric vehicle at home or work.

But for those times when you need an extra charge, or to travel farther, there are over 17,000 public charging points across the UK to help out.


The GMEV network is operated by Charge Your Car, a leader in electric vehicle charging networks. It manages payments and registration on behalf of Transport for Greater Manchester.

To use the network, simply register online and set up a direct debit to pay for your use.

You can then order an Access Card (£20 including VAT, renewable on an annual basis) to use all 2,168 Charge Your Car charge points in the UK.

Charging your car on the GMEV network is free.

You can charge your vehicle at a GMEV point by using a Charge Your Car Access Card, the Charge Your Car mobile app or by telephoning the number on the side of the charge point.

Due to mobile network coverage at sites, not every charge point on Charge Your Car is able to have charging sessions started / stopped with the mobile app.

Charging outside of Greater Manchester

The GMEV network offers free charging in the region, but there are other public charging networks both in Greater Manchester and the rest of the UK.

To use some of these you need to have an Access Card, a smart phone app or you can pay as you go.

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