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Stay Safe. Be Aware. Take Care

Metrolink is the UK’s largest light rail network, with 93 stops across Greater Manchester Our trams partly run along the highway; sometimes on segregated sections of the road away from other vehicles and at other times in a ‘shared space’ with other road users.

Trams are one of the safest modes of transport, but whether you’re a pedestrian, cyclist or vehicle driver, if you occupy this shared space it requires you to think and act differently.

That’s why we’ve put together these tips (and videos) to help you stay safe around trams.

Be street smart, be safe

Be aware of your surroundings

  • Staying safe while walking can be as simple as saying, “stop, look, and listen”
  • Stop before the tracks or at the crossing
  • Look both ways to make sure it is safe to cross
  • Trams can be quieter than other vehicles - listen to make sure none are nearby

Pay attention to signs and signals

  • Track crossings are clearly marked
  • Don’t take risks at crossings, it isn’t worth it
  • Ensure you know the highway code and obey all signs and signals – they’re for YOUR safety
  • Trams are wider than their tracks and take longer to stop than you might think, so give them plenty of room

Don’t take risks

  • Is it worth taking the risk to save a few seconds?
  • Keep your focus on the road, not on the pavement
  • Keep clear of box junctions
  • We all like a bit of in-car music, but don’t let the volume compromise your awareness