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Site updates

Recent and upcoming improvements

We are continually working to make your journey as easy as possible and have added various features to help you on your way, including:

  • Live bus, train, and tram departure info
  • Train and tram network status updates
  • Add stops and stations to 'My favourites' on the homepage
  • Find my nearest stations and stops
  • Tickets and passes finder
  • Station and stop facilities info
  • First and last tram times
  • Cycling events and training info

If you have any suggestions regarding the site or you've encountered any difficulties, please get in touch using our feedback form.

November 2017 onwards

The new TfGM website went live at the start of November with and customers moving over to the new site.

There are a number of areas of the site which the team will be working on moving forward including improving what has already been developed as well as introducing new functionality.

In the short term we will be undertaking improvement work on the systems which sit behind the website.

Corporate web page

October 2017

Headline improvements:

  • Enhanced Local Link functionality allowing customers to search to see if they are eligible for a service.
  • Enchanced corporate section of the website to provide information to customers including current projects, strategic plans, transparency information and further information about our environmental commitments.
  • Preparatory work for taking the website into live.

Local-Link screenshot image

September 2017

Headline improvements:

  • Added park and ride locations in both list view and map view for bus, train and tram stops so customers can find all the information they need in one place.
  • Introduced dynamic upload of data to the site which will make it quicker and easier for TfGM to keep customers informed of changes.
  • Enhanced the forms functionality to make it easier to collect accurate information.
  • Added Railzone tickets into tram ticket prices functionality for customers who use tram and train.

youtube screenshot august update

August 2017

Headline improvements

  • Enhanced the usability and presentation of the news section.
  • Built customer data collection forms so users can sign up to newsletters, provide feedback on services etc.
  • Added the ability to add park and ride pages introduced.
  • Added the ability to display video and embed social media introduced.

Near me filters

July 2017

Headline improvements:

  • Tram ticket prices added to the tickets and passes section of the site.
  • Indirect tram times information live on site.
  • Created an estimated tram journey times calculator.
  • Added mode filters to the geo-location functionality so users can determine what mode related information they are presented with.
  • Enchanced bus service changes page.

user feedback

June 2017

Headline improvements:

  • Algorithm work for first and last tram times where a journey requires changes.
  • Built a fares engine for tram ticket price information.
  • Greater detail of bus stops to make them easier to find.
  • Improve usability of the map view for bus route information.

bus service changes

May 2017

Headline improvements:

  • Added links to PDF timetables from bus route pages.
  • Increased prominence of hyperlinks for content items.
  • Enhanced the walking events page to support the walking festival.
  • Refreshed bus route data to reflect recent service changes.
  • Added the ability to display bus service changes on bus stop and station pages.

map page

April 2017

Headline improvements:

  • Provided a maps page to help users find various network maps.
  • Restyled cookie banner to improve usability.
  • Preparatory work for the Walking Festival.
  • Rearchitecture enablement work for future improvements.

first and last tram times

March 2017

Headline improvements:

  • Upcoming bus service changes displayed on bus route pages.
  • Enchanced first and last tram times for direct journeys between any two stops on the network.
  • Removed iconography to minimise distractions and help users find what they're looking for on the site.
  • 10 nearest stations and stops functionality based on a user's current location.
  • 'Major works and events' panel on the homepage as well as a dedicated page to display all major works and events.
  • 'News' page to display TfGM news stories.

bus route map view

February 2017

Headline improvements:

  • View and select bus stops from a Google Maps overview on each bus route page.
  • Update of tickets and passes data.
  • New template for content pages to enable us to present content in a neater, more digestable manner.
  • Cycling events page to support the Women on Wheels campaign.
  • Dedicated routes, stops and stations pages to present users (and search engines) with a list of all routes, stops and stations in Greater Manchester.

arrivals board

January 2017

Headline improvements:

  • Enforced consistent URL structures help users (and search engines) find the pages that they are looking for.
  • Added flexibility around alerting to help make these as useful as possible.
  • Revised navigation to help users find the content they are after.
  • Arrivals board for each Greater Manchester train station.
  • Scheduled and expected arrival times for train departures when a user selects both an origin and a destination.

Favourites screen shot TFGM

Q4 2016

Headline improvements:

  • First and last direct tram times for the next seven days between any two stops on the network.
  • 'Add to homepage' functionality so users can favourite a station / stop to see live bus, train and tram departures together at a glance.
  • Content scheduling to enable pages to be scheduled to be live on the site.
  • More with Metrolink page to display partner offers.
  • Alerts on stop and station pages.
  • 'Planned network improvements' panel to tram pages to raise awareness of upcoming improvement work.
  • Breadcrumb trail to help users navigate the site.