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Two together Railcard

Two people aged 16 or over who regularly travel together can get one-third off many standard rail journeys with a Two Together Railcard.

You don't need to be a couple. You can be friends or family members; or any two people who often travel with each other.

The costs and the benefits

The railcard costs £30 for one year; that's £15 each.

It gives you both a third off a wide range of train tickets across Britain, including:

  • standard anytime and anytime day singles and returns
  • standard off-peak and off-peak day singles and returns
  • standard super off-peak and super off-peak day singles and returns
  • standard and first class advance
  • most rail rover and ranger fares

You can use your Two Together Railcard after 9.30am Monday to Friday, weekends and bank holidays.

Buy a railcard

The quickest way to buy a Two Together Railcard is online. You'll need:

You can also buy a one year railcard at a railway station ticket office, or over the phone. You cannot buy a three year Two Together Railcard.

Find out where you can buy a Two Together Railcard

Keep your electronic or paper receipt in case you lose your card.

Renew your railcard

Renew your Two Together Railcard one month before it is due to expire on the Two Together Railcard website

If you lose your railcard

If you still have your original electronic or paper receipt, take it to any staffed train station to get a new card. It costs £10 to replace.

If you have lost the receipt, you will need to buy a new card at the full price.