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Celebration and Awards

TfGM TC Accreditation Awards 2018

What is the Sustainable Journeys Accreditation scheme?

Organisations who are on TfGM’s Business Travel Network can apply for Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum accreditation.

To support the Mayor’s Good Employer Charter the accreditation criteria has been enhanced to include ‘being a supporter of the Charter’.

The levels of accreditation are:

  • Bronze Accreditation Award ‘Commitment to supporting Sustainable Travel’
  • Silver Accreditation Award ‘Developing a travel action plan’
  • Gold Accreditation Award ‘Delivering sustainable travel initiatives’
  • NEW Platinum accreditation Award ‘Demonstrating travel behaviour change’

In addition there are three special awards to reward excellence in the sustainable travel field;

  • A Champion of Champions Award
  • An Active Travel Award
  • A Dynamic Working Award

If your organisation would like to join our Business Travel Network please visit here

Criteria for accreditation

For details of the criteria for each level of accreditation please download our guidance document.

Application Forms

Please contact for an application form.

Previous years

2017 - Travel Choices accreditation scheme was launched to celebrate the success of businesses who have championed sustainable travel.
2018 - The scheme was highly successful and was continued to acknowledge the ongoing energy and commitment of organisations which have helped reduce congestion, enhanced the health and wellbeing of staff and improved air quality.
2020 - This year saw the launch of our platinum award with five organisations achieving this level of accreditation. There were eleven organisations in total achieving accreditation.


Can I/my organisation apply for accreditation?

Yes, if your organisation is part of TfGM’s Business Travel Network (BTN). If you are unsure whether this is the case, please email

How does my organisation join TfGM’s BTN?

Visit our webpage to for more information.

Which level of accreditation can my organisation apply for?

Your organisation can apply for any level of accreditation. However, as a good rule-of-thumb we recommend that you only apply for the next level up from your previous accreditation award e.g. if your organisation was awarded bronze in 2020 then we’d expect a Silver submission this time around.

Please see our guidance document for further information.

This is our first accreditation submission. Can you support us with our application?

Yes. We’ve tried to make the application process as easy as possible however we recognise that your organisation may need support to complete it. Please contact and we’ll help you on your way!

We’ve only just joined the BTN. Can we apply for accreditation?

Bronze accreditation submissions will be considered for any organisation who can provide evidence of a ‘Commitment to supporting Sustainable Travel’. There is specific criteria to demonstrate this, but please get in touch with and our team will be happy to help.

Some previous winners include

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