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Travel choices for business


Discover the benefits

Businesses and organisations which promote sustainable travel to employees or embed it within their business travel can enjoy real benefits.

These can include financial savings; through reduced parking and money spent on business travel, as well as improved business efficiency and resilience.

Encouraging cycling and walking can help your staff become fitter, healthier and more motivated. Regular cyclists, on average, take one sick day per annum less than non-cyclists and research has shown those who don’t drive have lower levels of stress.

Promoting sustainable travel is also a good opportunity to contribute to your Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental agendas. Reducing single car occupancy can help to reduce parking problems or congestion in the local area and improve air quality. It can also help you with your environmental certification such as ISO14001.

Through the TfGM Business Travel Network we encourage and support organisations that promote sustainable travel modes to employees, such as walking, cycling, public transport, flexible working and car sharing.

Read our case studies to find out how businesses in Greater Manchester have benefited.

Join the Business Travel Network and take advantage of the following services:

Priority organisations are offered further support:

  • One-to-one advice from an expert advisor
  • Staff travel survey and analysis service
  • Support in developing a staff travel action plan
  • Staff engagement events at your office
  • Public transport corporate ticket offers