The world of work is changing. The ability to work differently around other life commitments – perhaps you’re juggling childcare, other caring responsibilities, studying, or you simply want to achieve a better balance in your life – is no longer just a ‘nice to have’.

Studies show that dynamic working arrangements are increasingly a basic requirement for many professionals in their job search.

Our partners at 9-2-3 Jobs and Timewise offer a wealth of support and guidance to help you and your business to work differently and attract the very best talent.


9-2-3 Jobs

Flexible working practices can be embedded into any business and 9-2-3 Jobs work with a range of organisations in industries as diverse as charity, tech, law, arts, hospitality, investment, manufacturing, and engineering.

Their experience of working with these kinds of industries is always very positive as they tend to be dynamic in their thinking and often work in an agile way anyway - they're about productivity over presenteeism.


Timewise Jobs

While most employers in the UK have a flexible working policy, the reality is that 14 million UK workers don’t have the flexibility they need, especially when looking to progress in their careers or return from a career break. Consequently, employers are missing out on the full benefits that working differently can provide to boost business performance, build inclusive workplaces and access the best possible talent.

Timewise Jobs is a jobs board specialising in part-time jobs and roles that are open to flexibility, for people with skills and experience.

Their aim is to make ‘quality part-time jobs’ easily accessible, across all business sectors and throughout the UK. We want to make all jobs that are open to flexibility more visible to candidates.