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Greater Manchester, Working Differently


Greater Manchester's working differently, are you?

Thank you for visiting the Greater Manchester Working Differently webpage.

We’ve partnered with the GM Chamber of Commerce to raise awareness of the economic benefits of dynamic working for businesses as well as promoting the health and wellbeing benefits it can have on those who work in Greater Manchester.

To get you started we’ve developed the Working Differently booklet which you can view and download here:

Alongside industry experts, TfGM are running a further workshop which will provide useful insights into how dynamic ways of working are already benefiting many businesses across the region as well as offering helpful advice to help your business to get started.

Why work differently?

Greater Manchester is growing rapidly and every year, hundreds of new businesses and tens of thousands more people choose to live and work here. Without question, we’re now an increasingly successful city region competing on a global stage.

But this growth brings with it new challenges.

Increased demand on our roads and public transport has resulted in an increase in congestion and poor air quality. Left untouched, and this could deter investment, affect productivity and limit our ability to attract talent.

Benefits to the transport network

It’s estimated that congestion costs the local economy around £1.3 billion each year in lost time and productivity, not to mention that the air pollution that it creates contributes to the equivalent of 1,200 deaths a year in Greater Manchester.

Greater Manchester has a long-term transport strategy to deliver world class connectivity for our city region. However, for this to become a reality, it needs the right powers and funding, but even then, this transformational change won’t take place overnight. In the meantime, we need to make the most of our existing infrastructure and consider what changes we can all make to reduce our impact on congestion and continue to support our growing economy.

Business has a critical leadership role to play in supporting us all to work differently, to reduce the number of trips taking place at peak times, freeing up capacity for those sectors – like retail, service and manufacturing – which often have fixed hours of operation. Small changes can make a huge difference.

Our research shows that while there is already a significant amount of dynamic working taking place in Greater Manchester, there is still a desire for it to be introduced, or developed further, across many more employers.

We recognise that every business is different and the support you’ll find on these pages will hopefully help you to work differently – whether you’re a small business introducing it from scratch or a large employer extending the range of options already available.

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There are many benefits to working differently and our partners can provide you with industry insight of how businesses of all shapes and sizes have made it work for them.



We can provide you with the advice you need to start working differently, like how to run practical workshops to better understand how other organisations have overcome challenges.

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As well as the advice on offer, there are a number of other practical sources of help to get your business working differently.


Case studies

TfGM have been speaking with a range of organisations across Greater Manchester. Read about their experiences to find out the how they’re working differently.


A word from TfGM

Have a listen to our Customer Director, Stephen Rhodes, in conversation with 9-2-3 Jobs about the importance of working flexibly in Greater Manchester.



Read about the latest thinking on flexible working from our partners at Timewise.

If you’re an organisation or an employer that’s interested in becoming a partner or a potential case study please contact us directly at