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You might think that introducing dynamic working could be challenging but it doesn’t need to be. The Sustainable Journeys team at TfGM, as well as our external partners, can offer you a wealth of advice, materials, discounts for workshops, practical support, incentives to work differently and much more.


Working Differently booklet

TfGM has produced a handy booklet for businesses. It’s packed full of useful advice and tips to overcome a range of challenges.


Business travel network

You can join TfGM’s Business Travel Network to receive free support and find out how we can help your organisation/business to work differently.


Delivery and service planning

TfGM’s Delivery and Servicing Planning team look at how companies receive deliveries and seeks to review how they can be managed to avoid the busiest times of day.


Timewise’s public sector accreditation

Timewise aims to provide accreditation for public sector organisations, to drive action and to ‘measure and recognise success in the practice of flexible working and hiring’.


Policy and best practice

ACAS are able to help your organisation do lots of things. Follow the link below to find up-to-date information on best practice around flexible working.



The ability to work differently around other life commitments is no longer just a ‘nice to have’. Studies show that agile working arrangements are becoming a basic requirement for many professionals in their job search - parents, carers, millennials and everyone in between.


Pregnancy and Maternity

The Equality and Human Rights Commission champion rights around pregnancy and maternity.

Flexibility around working arrangements during and after any pregnancy will benefit both the employee and employer. Read on to find out more about specific advice that is usually only available to their members.