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Travel Choices - case studies

In the last three years the Travel Choices team has worked with over 800 businesses, and provided over 30,000 employees with travel advice. Over one hundred travel grants have been distributed totalling over three quarters of a million pounds.

Members of our Business Travel Network are seeing positive changes in staff travel behaviour and saving money on business travel. This support has proved to be particularly valuable for businesses relocating in Greater Manchester.

Statistics, after the intervention from TfGM, have shown an 11% reduction in staff who drive to work every week whilst 8% of employees changed from driving to a more sustainable mode.

To find out more on how we helped GM businesses please visit the case studies below.



Promoting cycling as a commute option to shift workers.


Flexible Working

Retiming, condensed hours & working from home not only helps ease congestion and ease parking problems, staff also get a healthier work/life balance


Public Transport

Conducting a staff travel survey can help you understand why some of your staff don’t use public transport, so you can target their needs more effectively.



Taking positive action to ease parking concerns.



Easier to encourage modal shift when people make a big change in life - such as relocating with job.


Car share

Why growing businesses should embrace car sharing.


Business travel

Reducing the impact of business travel – use of car clubs and electric vehicles



Reducing the impact of delivery and servicing activity to make sure freight is working effectively for your organisation