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Cheadle Royal Business Park

Tackling high-car dependency at an out of centre location
Cheadle Royal

One of Manchester’s premier business parks turned to Transport for Greater Manchester’s Travel Choices team when they needed to tackle parking issues head-on.

Home to a workforce of 2,500 and businesses such as Capita, De Vere and Regus; Cheadle Royal Business Park is located in South Manchester close to the Airport and the town of Stockport.

Due to its location the majority of employees chose to drive to work, but over-reliance on car use meant that parked vehicles had started to spill over into access roads and local residential streets. In some cases there was double-parking, and the management company became increasingly concerned about the safety of the park and the environment for visitors and employees.

This led to a commitment, by the business park’s management company and the managing agent, to provide as many alternative options to travelling by single occupancy car as possible.

Working with the Travel Choices team, a travel survey was carried out across the site with the results providing an overview of how employees were commuting and what options they would like to see.

After consultation a number of actions were implemented, including:

  • Offering personalised travel planning sessions for employees
  • Applying for a sustainable travel grant for a secure cycle storage area in a central location
  • Organising a cycle event for staff to find out more about commuting by bike
  • Installation of an electric vehicle charging point
  • Each business on the park becoming a member of CarShareGM

Since the introduction of these measures, car use has decreased dramatically and a third of all employees surveyed have chosen to travel outside of peak hours to help reduce the congestion.

There has also been an uptake in walking, with triple the number of staff using this as their preferred method of travelling to work.

John Close, from Cheadle Royal Management Company, said: “We are very grateful for the help and support we have received from Travel Choices.

“Their free offers helped us make an encouraging start to introduce sustainable travel at Cheadle Royal and we look forward to working with them in future.”