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TalkTalk Case study

Why growing businesses should embrace car sharing

Last year, TalkTalk began relocating its headquarters from London to the Soapworks in Salford.
Situated close to MediaCityUK, the move highlighted pressures on staff parking with less than one parking space available for every two members of staff. A solution was needed to accommodate the increase in demand.

Identifying car sharing as a potential solution, Hub Manager, Jade Whyte, said: “We decided to promote car sharing to reduce our need for parking and to adhere to our commitment of bringing less traffic into Salford.

“To encourage our employees to consider car sharing on their journey to work we’ve offered both priority parking onsite and free offsite parking for those that share vehicles. We decided to offer these incentives so that car sharers could be offered convenience by parking on site, or have the ability to save money by parking offsite.”

The plan has paid off and has seen an increase in interactions between staff as well as helping to minimise the potential for added congestion in the area.

Jade added: “Since introducing car sharing, we have seen that we need fewer car spaces and that those walking to our overflow are doing so together. Lots of our employees like car sharing as it’s an opportunity to socialise.

“We know that car sharing means there are savings on parking costs for our employees – onsite they can split the cost and offsite parking is free, so there is definitely a financial benefit to coming in together.”

TalkTalk also offer those that car share a ‘guaranteed ride home’ in the event that their driving partner has to leave work early for an emergency.

Car sharing is flexible and can make a huge difference to employee wellbeing. The reduction of single occupancy journeys made during the busiest times of day can also help alleviate congestion on our roads while helping the environment by reducing air pollution caused by standing traffic.