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Travel Choices - Sustainable travel grants

Travel Choices Sustainable grants

Travel Choices offers grants to businesses for schemes which encourage employees to make sustainable travel choices.

Whether you want to build bike storage facilities at your premises so staff can cycle to work, put in an electric vehicle charging point or run an event to promote sustainable travel to staff, you can apply for up to £10,000 to make it happen.

The application process is simple, and our team of expert travel advisors are here to help you through each step.

Here’s what a sustainable travel grant could fund for your business:

Capital schemes

  • Cycling/walking facilities e.g. showers, changing facilities, drying room
  • Pool bikes
  • CCTV/improved security for cycle storage
  • Complimentary activities to Electric Vehicles or chargers
  • Car park alterations for designated car sharing spaces
  • On site modifications to improve access to walking and cycling routes

Revenue schemes

  • Internal communications promoting sustainable travel
  • A reward or incentive scheme for sustainable travellers
  • Events to raise awareness of sustainable travel choices amongst employees
  • Public transport taster tickets
  • Seed funding for a shuttle bus service/ contribution towards subsidised bus route
  • Corporate car club membership
  • Specialist sustainable transport advice

Sign up to the Business Travel Network.

Please note, organisations are only eligible for sustainable travel grants after signing up to the Business Travel Network
and working with the Travel Choices team.