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Managing car parking for sustainable travel

Travel planning for employers
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Considering access to car parking is important to support a more sustainable staff commute and change attitudes to public transport, walking & cycling compared to car use. You may wish to consider:

  • A zero-parking policy or workplace parking strategy may be an option for businesses in town and city centres where public transport is good.
  • Providing plentiful free car parking is likely to encourage your employees to use their cars to get to work. Why not balance with increase secure cycle parking, which is lower cost per space than car parking.
  • You could introduce a needs-based parking permit system providing priority access for blue badge holders, car sharers, staff with caring responsibilities, or employees with a clear business need to access parking facilities on a regular basis.
  • You could charge staff for car parking to disincentivise use. Charges must be applied clearly and fairly based on the business cost of providing each parking space.
  • You could counterbalance parking charges by offering incentives for not driving into work. These can include entry into prize draws, shopping vouchers or awarding salary bonuses.
  • You could use revenue from new car park charges to fund some of your workplace travel plan incentives. This way employees will be able to see the balance of 'give and take' in your travel plan and can help engage your teams.
  • Metrolink has a car driver incentive scheme to encourage commuters to try Metrolink. Contact for details.

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