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Reducing your fleet vehicle emissions

Travel planning for employers
reducing your fleet vehicle final

Businesses often need to transport people and goods, but how your organisation uses transport offers ways to improve your environmental performance and reduce costs.

Vehicle use causes environmental harm. Vehicle emissions, such as Carbon Dioxide, contribute to climate change. Dust and other air pollutants also lead to poor air quality and ill health. For more information on what TfGM is doing to improve air quality in Greater Manchester, visit the CleanAirGM website.

In addition to reducing your environmental impact, a more efficient fleet can benefit your business by saving you money, increasing business opportunities and improving your image. This could help attract new employees and increase your customer base.

TfGM work alongside the Energy Saving Trust to support businesses in making reductions in fleet emissions, particularly in operational and grey fleet (staff using their own vehicles for business travel).

The Energy Saving Trust provide a fully funded fleet review to companies including looking at opportunities for electric fleet vehicles, cargo bikes for freight movements and car clubs/pool bicycles to support staff travelling on business.

Low-emission vehicles (including electric vehicles)

If your business has a fleet of vehicles, you could reduce emissions significantly and save costs by choosing environmentally-friendly vehicles.
There are several business benefits of choosing lower-emissions vehicles such as electric vehicles. These include tax breaks, lower running costs and reduced environmental impact - see the benefits of reducing your vehicle emissions.

Don’t forget, although some vehicles such as fully electric plug in cars and vans produce no direct exhaust emissions, there is still an environmental impact from the generation of electricity. You can reduce this by purchasing electricity generated from renewable sources.