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Rethinking workplace travel

Travel planning for employers
rethinking workplace travel

Businesses of different sizes and locations will have different measures of success for workplace travel. By consulting with staff to find out how they’re travelling to work, you may be able to support more sustainable commuting and business travel.
Key features of successful change in travel culture include:

  • Buy-in from management – Could managers demonstrate their commitment to a more sustainable organisation by leaving their car at home?
  • Buy-in from staff – Could a steering group with representatives from different areas of the company gain support, or a staff travel champion to be a single point of contact for staff.
  • A long-term strategic approach - Changing the culture of your business will require long-term communication, backed up by encouragement and incentives.
  • Information gathering - Find out more about the travel habits of those coming to your site and the transport possibilities in your local area. Are there pressure points on the local road network or local public transport network?