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Great Ancoats Street improvement works

Phase One: June to November 2019


What’s happening

Major improvement works are taking place on Great Ancoats Street, a key part of the Manchester and Salford Inner Relief Route around the city centre.

The scheme will assist with pedestrian movement and noise reduction, as well as making the local environment more attractive.

Work will take place in two phases, with differing levels of impact.

Schedule of works

Monday 16 Tuesday 17 September

  • There will be a left lane closure on Great Ancoats Street (from outside the retail park) in the direction of the Mancunian Way on Monday and Tuesday from 9.30am to 3.30pm.
  • There will be a left lane closure on Old Mill Street (before the junction with Great Ancoats) in a southern direction all day Monday and from 9.30am to 3.30pm on Tuesday.
  • Oldham Road will have a lane closed on either side of the carriageway, before the juntion with Great Ancoats, on Monday and Tuesday between 9.30am and 3.30pm.
  • The two right hand lanes at the junction of Great Ancoats and Old Mill Street (in the direction of the Mancunian Way) will be closed from 6.30pm on Tuesday until 5.30am on Wednesday.

Wednesday 18 September

  • The inside lane on Great Ancoats Street (towards Mancunian Way) will be closed from The Express Building to Blossom St on Wednesday between 9.30am and 3.30pm.
  • The left hand lane at the junction of Great Ancoats and Old Mill Street (in the direction of the Mancunian Way) will be closed from 6.30pm on Wednesday until 5.30am on Thursday.

Phase One: June to November 2019

During the first phase cabling and piping installations for utilities and telecoms companies will take place beneath the road and footway surfaces.

Work will only take place on weekdays after 6.30pm and continue until approximately midnight. Noisier works will cease by 10.30pm.

Lane closures may be kept on overnight, while quieter works are undertaken, but will be removed before the morning peak.

This will include some temporary lane closures around the junctions of Oldham Road and Old Mill Street.

Work will also be halted for major events, such as Manchester City fixtures, so that it does not impact fans travel.

Phase Two: From January 2020

The main part of the work will begin in the new year, to make sure there’s no impact during the busy Christmas period.

However this phase is expected to significantly affect road users. Continue to check back on this page as more information becomes available.

For more information about the work visit Manchester City Council’s website.

Why is work taking place?

With an average of 37,200 journeys on a typical weekday, Great Ancoats Street is a well-used and vital route. The pedestrian crossings are also heavily used, with over 15,000 crossings made in 12 hours.

In recent years, the surrounding areas of the Northern Quarter and Ancoats/New Islington have undergone major transformations. As the city centre is expanding, Great Ancoats Street is not benefiting from the same exciting developments to housing and businesses as its neighbours. There are also a high number of road accidents along the route.

The area is a prime location for residential and commercial development opportunities, and a plan of work has been put together to help the area realise its potential.

Summary of the plans

  • Additional fit-for-purpose crossings will be installed along the route, making travelling by foot or bicycle from the city centre to the surrounding neighbourhoods easier and safer.

  • Resurfacing of the road with new, modern materials will reduce the noise from motor traffic by 40 per cent.

  • Landscaping of the area to make the route more attractive. This will include planting more than seventy trees, laying new pavements, improving street furniture, and making signage clearer and simpler to understand. The changes will make the area a natural extension of the city centre.

  • Increase economic growth in and around the city centre. Employment is predicted to grow in the city centre, and many people will need homes near their place of work. These improvements will mean that the neighbourhoods around Great Ancoats Street are attractive to developers.

Cycling and walking schemes

Two cycling and walking schemes, both part of the Bee Network, have been announced for close to Great Ancoats Street.

Piccadilly to Victoria route

A new cycling and walking route enhancing the on foot and by bike experience from Manchester Piccadilly to Manchester Victoria stations, via the Northern Quarter, will be delivered with a host of public realm improvements.

The project is expected to cost in the region of £11.6 million with £1 million coming from the Government’s Cycle Cities Ambition Grant funding and the remaining £10.6 million from the Mayor’s Challenge Fund.

Northern and Eastern Gateway

Connecting the neighbourhoods of Ancoats, New Islington, New Cross, New Town, Redbank and the Green Quarter, this scheme will create a high quality, continuous east-west walking and cycling route in the north and east city centre fringe.

The scheme is expected to cost in the region of £13.2 million with £4.2 million coming from the Mayor’s Challenge Fund and £9 million in local contributions.

Keep up to date

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